[Promotion Sale] MJX Bugs 5W (B5W) RC Drone: WiFi FPV, 1080P Camera, For Just $129.99

Here comes MJX Bugs new family member: 5W! A super cool drone which is exactly the beginner drone that you need. With a special appearance, you will love it at first sight. The MJX Bugs 5W (B5W) RC Drone includes a 1080P 5G Wifi HD camera, giving you impressive photographing experience from the sky! Super bright LED lights aid in orientation and work beautifully for night flying.

Buy MJX Bugs 5W (B5W) RC Drone For Just at $123.99


Mixing the best out of all previous Bugs models! Bugs 5W is basically the same size as B2W and has 310mm diagonally. It sports an aggressive appearance with those characteristical “bugs-like” eyes in the front. It’s a bit more raised than B2W to make enough headroom for the camer+gimbal combo that’s not built into the main frame but sticking out below it.


If you ask me, the best thing about this little fella is the addition of a fully fledged mechanical gimbal. Nope – it is not one of those fancy 3-axis monsters that cost a fortune. Nope – it’s a 1-axis gimbal that can be tilted 90 degrees. Not only does it provide in-flight tilting directly from the controller but it also does an amazing job of eliminating jello effect and aerial vibrations.

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GPS, altitude hold, 3 types of return to home and even 500 meters of seamless FPV coverage. Bugs 5W really has everything you need for a great entry-level drone experience. And it even sports the above-mentioned mechanical gimbal that will make your photos/videos that much better and easier to take. Thanks to the redesigned controller that works on a brand new protocol, MJX Bugs 5W can go as far as 500 meters away from it. It’s not as long as B2W, but it is still miles ahead of all other direct competitors.

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Yes, probably the biggest thing that differentiates 5W from 2W is the camera. Comes with a brand new dedicated camera. We are talking about a 1/3-inch 8MPX CMOS sensor. It takes brilliant selfies with none of that nasty fisheye effect. Videos are great too – 1080p at 30fps is absolutely splendid at this price point. And the best thing about this camera is the 1-axis mechanical gimbal it’s built into. This removes shakiness in your footage and allows you to adjust the camera angle straight from your transmitter.


We shouldn’t forget the fact that Bugs 5W sports FPV as well. It’s the same 5G WiFi module like the one we’ve seen on 2W, capable of going up to 500 meters with certain smartphone models. One thing is for sure – FPV will definitely be a helping hand in terms of aerial photography you plan on doing.


As for the actual battery, you are basically looking at the same 2S 1800mAh Lipo like the one we’ve seen with MJX Bugs 2W. It’s pretty powerful, mind you – we did all sorts of high-speed maneuvers with 2W which just goes to show you what’s this battery capable of! In terms of flight time though, you will be looking at roughly 15 minutes which is a bit shorter than B2W (the lack of a mechanical gimbal does the trick) but still great for today’s standards.

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It is a brilliant drone that’s going to be a major threat to others in its price tier. Best of all – it features a mechanical gimbal and that’s a feature not a single one of its competitors have to offer.

Where To Buy

MJX Bugs 5W (B5W) RC Drone is now available on Gearbest For Just at $123.99 on the 5th anniversary of gearbest If you want to Buy it You can follow the below link:

Buy MJX Bugs 5W (B5W) RC Drone For Just at $123.99


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