MJX Bug 3 Review| A drone with a lot of features in a reasonable range

MJX Bug 3 Review is a brand of producing drone. This type of drone has a lot of features. It has some features such as long flight time, Global Positioning System etc. which are very useful. Besides, it has also an HD Camera which has an SD card slot so both the pictures and videos are easily saved. Moreover, the design of the product is quite outstanding and the weight of the product is also light so a user can easily and comfortably use it. The design of the remote controller also looks nice and it is helpful for controlling the outside range.

MJX Bug 3 Review

Long flight time

The flight time of a drone is a major issue. As when a user uses it for taking important videos or pictures and if that time it just stops flying, then it will be a serious problem for the user. So, the user may use it for taking important information by flying the drone for a definite time.MJX Bug 3 Review

 Stable flight

The flight of this kind of drone is also stable. As it has the feature Global Positioning System (GPS), its flight is more stable compares to other brands and can take good photos. Moreover, it also ensures nice performance and safety; even in the bad weather, its stability of the flight is still very impressive.MJX Bug 3 Review


Though its design has not too much different from another model of its brands, it has some exceptional features which make it more gorgeous. Its color combination is black and white which is very standard and excellent to look.

High Capacity Battery

For working a long time with a drone, it is very important to know the battery capacity of the drone. If the battery is not quite strong, then the user cannot work with it conveniently and may face problem on various occasions. But, MJX Bug 3 drone has a battery of 2800 mAh which is pretty strong and a user can work with it with no tension in mind.

Headless Mode

This is an exceptional property for this kind of drone. For this, the user does not need to give too much attention to the head of the drone and the user can work more freely.

 Long control distance

By this device, it is possible to control at a distance which is around 600m. So, in the remote place, the user can take place in a particular position and can use its fly mode and gather the corresponding information like taking pictures, videos etc. Thus, it reduces walking pressure of the user and also can be a safer option.

Charging time

The charging time of this device is about 7 hours. So, in the night time when it remains unused, the user can easily connect it to the charger and after a full charge in the morning the user can take it for doing the tasks.

Remote Control

Its remote control is wireless which makes it more comfortable. Sometimes, the user may need to take it in the mountains, sea falls or other quite remote places and in those places, it is difficult to take some sensitive things like wire so in this kind of place wireless remote controller will be more helpful and comfortable.

Failsafe return to home

This ensures the safety of the drone. If it faces some problems with the transmitter, then it returns to the home quickly.

Low voltage return to home

It is very simple that sometimes the battery may be quite low in times of working. In that time, this device gives a signal and return to the user quickly and safely. Otherwise, the device may fall here and there and it may be lost when working in remote places.

Point of Interesting Flight

It has an interesting feature which is known as the point of interesting flight. In this feature, just select a point and the drone will fly around the circle. This feature can be used for both recreational and can also use for searching anything.

HD FPV Flight

By this device, the user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos which is one of its most important features. Most of the user buys a drone for taking videos or pictures so by this device a user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos. During the time when taking pictures or videos from a mountain or a sea fall, it will be helpful for the user as its quality seems excellent.

One key following mode

In times of making a video, this option is very useful. The working method of this option is the drone is just following the user. So, when taking a video of a beautiful place just walks around and the drone follows it and capturing the videos.

 Product Size

The size of this device is not too small or too long. Its size is standard for working with it conveniently and it can easily carry able because of its size.

Product Weight

The weight of a product is another important term. MJX Bug 3 drones weight is not too much so a user can easily carry it and even can take it in hand on some occasions.


The cost of this device is very much affordable.  In fact, this products prize is almost half of the other brand’s product. Moreover, a buyer will also get some other parts related to it such as a propeller, adapter, a USB cable, a language manual etc.

What we don’t like

One of its main negative sides is lacking a camera. Another is, the flying time is not too much longer. Sometimes a user may need more than the definite times for flying but in that time the user needs to wait for a time. Besides, the battery capacity is not too long rather the battery takes a long time for fully charge itself.


MIX Bug 3 Pro is a model of producing drone which is a quadcopter. As its size is not very large and weight is light, it is easy to carry. It has extensive functions such as taking high-resolution pictures; high-quality videos can do the task at a long distance and so many. Besides, its mechanical design is not too complex so a user can use it without too much difficulty. Moreover, it has some mode which remains safe itself and also the user. Lastly, the price of this device is very much affordable due to its low cost compares to most of the other brands.


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