Will MIUI 9 Release on May 25 With Mi Max 2? ‘No’ says the Official!

May 25 will be the release of the generous battery and large screen flagship ‘Xiaomi Mi Max 2‘. But, to be honest, it looks like Xiaomi enthusiasts are more concerned with the release of MIUI 9. We already know when the younger brother of Mi Max will release. However, MIUI 9 release date is still in question and is Xiaomi’s ultimate surprise for the Mi smartphones users.

Today, finally some Xiaomi fans asked the question from the Official MIUI on Weibo:

Will MIUI 9 release with Mi Max 2 as well?

And the answer was only two words:


Moreover, peeking in the flashback, on July 13, 2016, MIUI said that the work on MIUI 9 had been started. Now more than ten months have passed, and there’s no sign of the new UI.

MIUI 9 release

The CEO of Xiaomi ‘Lei Jun’ once revealed that MIUI 9 development concept is to make the UI more smooth, more stable, more power. During that time, we also heard of the leaked screenshot, and other new MIUI 9 functions. But those were just rumors. In the end, no one knows what the new system will look like.

However, MIUI official WeChat public number has increased. An “MIUI9 insider” wants to know from the audience that what new trend and feature MIUI 9 should focus on. What are your views? Comment!




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  1. I don’t know about the features which will be in new miui version but I just want to know that when will I get miui 9 in redmi note 3.enough now it’s been 10 months past but no reply from official mi. ????

  2. Sorry i Bought a product with hope less software support. I dont care when MIUI 9 is released as i wont buy again any xiaomi products. Useless company

  3. Hello.. i m a mi note 4 user. From my point of view #miui9 should focus on better software optimisation, so that it could push limits of its hardwares… So that we can get the most out of it.

  4. So please give the update for xiaomi HM note 1LTE otherwise I can not advise people to buy this product

  5. Manwex, buggy uncle, B mods and kinkies United has screenshots.

    If any one need Ask them,
    Manwex also had blurred screen shots

    SKU(Super Kinkies United )

  6. I want’s to know that mi note 3 users will get update of modi 9 . I want ‘s to say that multi tasking is very important in this generation so I advise the mi developers to add this feature to miui 9.THANKS TO MI DEVELOPERS I FEEL THAT I HAVE SOMTHING TO USE LIKE MI PHONE. MI IS THE ONE OF THE BEST BRAND IN ALL PRODUCTS .SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  7. i was also recommending others about xiaomi phones as i though that the company is always concerned about their customer’s issues and look forward for new updates periodically but it seems that it no longer cares for it. believe it or not xiaomi is loosing its fame. “Future depends on presents rating”.

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