Do you use a Redmi 2 Prime? It’s time to update to MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG ROM!

MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG is now rolling out for the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime smartphone. This version was released simultaneously with the latest version for the Redmi 2, MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.2.0.KHJMIDG, so whether you’re using the standard version or the Prime version, we’ve got you covered.

The MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG ROM for the Redmi 2 Prime brings along major updates, bug fixes, optimisations and new features in aspects like the Lock screen, Status Bar, Notifications Bar, File Explorer, Home Screen, Settings, Clock, Calculator, Gallery & Messaging apps, Mi Drop, etc.

Full Changelog for MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG ROM for Redmi 2 Prime

The MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG ROM for Redmi 2 Prime brings along the following:

  • New notification sound for delivered messages added in Settings.
  • New Animation for successful Wi-Fi connection added in Lock screen, Status Bar & Notification Bar.
  • Floating notification format for incoming calls in Lock screen, Status Bar & Notification Bar optimised.
  • Sound and vibration permissions for notifications in Lock screen, Status Bar & Notification Bar have been made separate.
  • Bug which caused errors on Wi-Fi details page fixed.
  • Accessibility bug for Home screen fixed.
  • Landscape mode for Task Manager optimised for Home Screen.
  • Task Manager function stabilised and optimised.
  • UI details in Task Manager optimised.
  • A new feature which automatically adjusts photos during sharing added in Gallery.
  • Now you can delete photos from your phone only when you’re browsing offline albums.
  • All saved and available Wi-Fi networks now appear first in the list in the WiFi Settings interface.
  • Bug which prevented the user from seeing files saved from dual apps fixed.
  • New feature added: Duplicating alarms in First and Second spaces. Set an alarm in First space, turn off in Second space.
  • Order for frequently used settings improved.
  • Bug which prevented Mi Drop from finding the receiver after location services were turned off has been fixed.
  • New tap gesture added for Quick Ball.

MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG for Redmi 2 Prime Download Links

How to Update/Flash MIUI 8 Global Stable V8.0.7.0.LHJMIDG ROM on your Redmi 2 Prime

There are two ways you can flash software updates onto a Xiaomi smartphone; either naturally via the Updater app on your phone (OTA [over the air]) or through manual flashing.

OTA via Updater App

You can use this method if your phone is currently using the stable version of the MIUI ROM from version 5 down to version 7. Simply open the Updater app on your smartphone, make sure you’re connected to the internet and click on “Check for updates”.

This is one is quite tricky. You have to wait for the update to be rolled to your particular smartphone. This might take a couple of days, and a situation whereby your friend already has his makes things worse. For those who don’t have the patience, read on to see the second method.

Via Manual Flashing (Fastboot or Recovery)

There are two ways by which you can flash updates to your phone manually; via Fastboot or Recovery. Both require you to download the ROM package you want to flash onto your SD card and go through certain steps to have the software running on your smartphone.

For this method, it’s important that you back up all important data on your phone before commencing the process. Also, if you’re on a Beta ROM (either Global Beta or China Developer), either revert to a stable one or wipe all device data before flashing in order to avoid serious software issues.

So, are you excited about this stable software for your Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime? Have you gotten yours? How has the experience been? Do let us know in the comments section below.

For other Xiaomi devices, be patient, I’ll be back with more stable ROMs 😉 .


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