Want improved security? Download MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 (Rolling out now + Full Changelog)

Hello there Xiaomi fans and users, today I bring you the full changelog and download links to the latest iteration of the Global Beta MIUI 8 software for Xiaomi smartphones, MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27.Some of the new features in this week’s update have been detailed in the MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 Changelog Preview, but the new features are actually more than what we were expecting.

In this week’s update, a wide range of Xiaomi devices are supported (if not all) and as usual, you are given the option to update your phone either via Fastboot or via Recovery. As was the case last week, the MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 update for both the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Edition and Redmi Note 3G has been suspended.

Alright, let’s cut the talk and go straight to where all the action lies. Meanwhile, if you’re still enjoying MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.20, you might want to look at this new version as it brings some cool new features and fixes bugs that came with the previous version.

MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 Full Changelog and New Features

The MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 brings the following:

  • A new Feedback tab has been added to the MIUI Forum app. This tab allows you to report bugs directly to MIUI developers from your Xiaomi smartphone. This is explained better in the changelog preview.
  • Language support has also been added for the MIUI Forum app.
  • The algorithm for weather alerts in the Weather app has been optimised.
  • Angle calculations in the scientific calculator have been optimised. More details in the changelog preview.
  • The security app has had a make-over. New designs for the antivirus and exceptions option have been added.
  • Categories for featured apps are now being shown in Mi Picks.
  • New tabs – Must have and Proud of India have been added to Mi Picks collections.

MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 Full List of Supported Xiaomi Devices

  • Redmi 1S.
  • Redmi 2.
  • Redmi 2 Prime.
  • Mi 2.
  • Mi 2S.
  • Mi 3.
  • Mi 4.
  • Mi 4i.
  • Mi 5.
  • Redmi Note 2.
  • Redmi Note 3G.
  • Redmi Note 4G.
  • Redmi Note Prime.
  • Redmi Note 3 Special Edition.
  • Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm.
  • Mi Max 32GB version.
  • Mi Note.
  • Redmi 3.
  • Redmi 3 Prime.
  • Redmi 3S.
  • Redmi 3S Prime.

MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 6.10.27 Download Links

Mi 2/2S

Recovery 661M

Fastboot 899M

Mi 3 / Mi 4

Fastboot 1104M

Recovery 820M

Mi Note

Recovery 979M

Fastboot 1264M

Mi 4i

Fastboot 1194M

Recovery 973M

Mi 5

Fastboot 1627M

Recovery 1387M

Mi Max 32G

Fastboot 1547M

Recovery 1322M

Redmi 1S

Fastboot 936M

Recovery 744M

Redmi 2

Recovery 754M

Fastboot 1074M

Redmi 2 Prime

Recovery 792M

Fastboot 1113M

Redmi 3S

Fastboot 1724M

Recovery 1380M

Redmi Note 4G

Fastboot 945M

Recovery 753M

Redmi Note Prime

Fastboot 1103M

Recovery 812M

Redmi Note 2

Fastboot 1332M

Recovery 1096M

Redmi Note 3 Special Edition

Fastboot 1610M

Recovery 1348M

Have you downloaded and installed yours? Let us know how the experience has been!


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  1. Xiaomi Redmi 4A is not in between supported devices, is this ROM also for A4?
    When or where can be the global ROM for it available?
    Thank you

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