Xiaomi working on MIUI 12 Project after Rolling Out the MIUI 11

Xiaomi continues to update its system and product portfolios as we got mentions in the news. The new surprise is broadcasted by the manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi group. Xu Jieyun has published a post on his Weibo account accounting to convey some updates in the MIUI versions.

Manager Xu Jieyun said that there were still some issues on the MIUI 11 side that were not taken out thoroughly. So, the following updated version may be the surprise but will take some time to come.

Features of MIUI 12:

Additionally, she also added that when MIUI 11 was launched, the next generation of MIUI projects had already been unveiled a day after the launch.

So, what could be the name of the upcoming MIUI edition? Following the previous operating systems (OS) names, it is expected that it would be MIUI 12 and will be released officially next year.

In a comment to the Weibo post by the manager, netizens said, ‘I hope Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 can have more things on the sliding cover. It can have slid out the bus card, a drawer can be edited and Xiaomi flash payment can be loaded. Along with, some other customized tools could be added.


In response, the manager Xu Jieyun writes that he would serve feedback to the MIUI team, which is looking forward to resolving issues occurring.

Back on September 24, the MIUI 11 was officially launched. But the development edition was fully-tested on 27 September. Correspondingly, the new MIUI operating system skin is expected to have the more mature design in the modern thoughts. It can include features to remove unnecessary symbols, keeping only the compulsory information and special touch control designs.

As per the functionality, MIUI 11 delivers ‘Mi Go Travel Suit’ and ‘Mi Work’ work suit.

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