Xiaomi phones now have the WhatsApp Cleaner feature thanks to MIUI 10

Like many brands, Xiaomi phones offer a security management center for their phones, which brings together a variety of tools related to the system in one place. These tools include messages and call blocking lists, as well as cache cleansers and data usage tracking. Now, another tool can be added to the list, as the company announced the new feature of WhatsApp Cleaner in the security center of MIUI 10 (security application> WhatsApp Cleaner).

Xiaomi phones now have the WhatsApp Cleaner feature thanks to MIUI 10

MIUI 10 presents the new feature of WhatsApp Cleaner

This new feature is very similar to the common storage functions that can be found in WhatsApp, so it allows you to delete the files related to the application (such as images, video clips, voice notes, documents and others) to recover the storage space needed. However, it seems that the WhatsApp Cleaner tool does not allow you to deepen contacts.

Therefore, if you only want to delete photos from a contact or group, this function is great, but if you want to delete something else, you will probably need to use the built-in WhatsApp tool (configuration> Data usage and storage > Use of storage).

Xiaomi phones now have the WhatsApp Cleaner feature thanks to MIUI 10

On the other hand, you should use this tool provided by Xiaomi if you want to clean your entire WhatsApp account, because the official tool of the application does not seem to allow you to delete all the files in general. You will also want to stick to this Xiaomi utility if you need to delete a specific category of files, such as videos.

In any case, WhatsApp can be a huge source of storage consumption, especially in cheap smartphones with only 16GB, 8GB or even 4GB of ROM and, therefore, any attempt to help users recover storage is more than welcome.


Which devices can have this MIUI function?

The WhatsApp Cleaner tool presented by Xiaomi is available on phones that run the global beta ROM MIUI 10, the company said on its website, but if your phone is scheduled to receive this tenth version of MIUI, you will also receive this great and ingenious tool.

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  1. MI is always a user friendly phone. And this additional feature will be great for users. Thanks for notify us.

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