After much, the MIUI 10 stable version has finally arrived!

Xiaomi is a company that has managed to compete with the largest companies in the technology market, not only for the amazing quality their offers in each of their products, but also because they have a number of impressive services, among them, we can mention their MIUI operating system, which is already in its MIUI 10 version. Finally, after a long time, its stable version has been released, which add two new devices to the list; they are the Mi 5s Plus and the Mi 8 Lite.

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MIUI 10 Stable Version – List of compatible devices


In the following list we will indicate all the devices that can currently receive the MIUI 10 stable version: Redmi Note 5/Pro, Mi 6, Mi MIX 2, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX, Redmi S2, Mi 8, Mi MIX 2S, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 5, Mi Max Prime, Mi Max, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi 4A, Mi 5S, POCOPHONE F1, Mi 8 Lite and Mi 5S Plus.

MIUI 10 Stable Version – Change List

Design for the full-screen experience

  • The new full-screen gestures offer a very different experience when interacting with the device; you can use them for what you always do, but much faster, smarter and more convenient.
  • The new user interface is designed for full-screen devices and offers a better visualization of the content.

Natural sound system

  • A new, more natural sound system has been implemented.
  • System sounds are simplified and smart filters are implemented.
  • The environmental sounds of the forest, the beach, the drizzle, the stove and the summer night will help you relax and concentrate.

Other improvements and optimizations

  • The new AI brings the portrait mode to single-camera devices! Blur the background in portrait shots from the application.
  • Other applications of the system (including Clock and Notes) also had a major renovation.

MIUI 10 Stable Version – Download links

Below, we present the list of links that can be used to download the stable version of the ROM, either through the Recovery method or the Fastboot method. Of course, we only share the links offered by the MIUI English site, so we are not responsible for any problems that may arise during or after the download.

Devices Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi 5s Plus    Recovery ROM Fastboot ROM
Mi 8 Lite  Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 4A   Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
POCOPHONE F1    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi 5s    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi Note 4X   Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi Max Prime   Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi Max    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 6 Pro    Not Available   Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 5   Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi Note 6 Pro  Not Available Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 6    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 6A   Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi 5 Plus   Recovery ROM    Fastboot ROM  
Mi MIX 2S  Recovery ROM    Fastboot ROM  
Mi 8    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Redmi Note 5/Pro   Not Available Fastboot ROM    
Mi 6   Recovery ROM  Fastboot ROM    
Mi MIX 2   Recovery ROM    Fastboot ROM  
Mi Note 2     Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi MIX    Recovery ROM     Fastboot ROM    
Mi 5  Recovery ROM Fastboot ROM   
Redmi S2/Y2   Recovery ROM   Fastboot ROM    

Just click on the kind of method you want to use for updating your device to start the download of the package.

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