Xiaomi has activated the anti-rollback feature for the latest MIUI 10 versions of Redmi 6 Pro and Mi 6X

Xiaomi is a company that constantly seeks to improve their products, and one of the services offered by them is their own operating system called MIUI, which is already in the MIUI 10 version. It has recently been reported that the Chinese giant is applying the anti-rollback function in its Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro model, which runs the MIUI 10 ROM 8.7.30 version and also in the models that run the stable ROM 9.6.16 and higher.

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MIUI 10 will be final in many terminals

But this is not the only device that will acquire this function, the Xiaomi Mi 6X will also get it, more specifically, the models that run the MIUI 10 ROM 8.8.6 version and the stable ROM and higher. The anti-rollback function as such means that users will not be able to downgrade their versions of MIUI to previous ones once they have made the update.

MIUI 10 - Xiaomi Mi 6X

Regarding this issue, Xiaomi gave statements in the MIUI community forum, saying “the new feature is made to maintain the stability of the system and ensure the safety of the models. It is important to keep in mind that, if you have one of the two models, you will not be able to downgrade to previous versions after the update, as it could block the device and make it useless. However, if your model has not been updated to any of the listed versions, you can still use the rollback function. “

The Rollback is a thing of the past

With these statements, the company seeks to make clear what the objective behind this controversial decision is, being its main goal to maintain the security of the device so that the user can have greater peace of mind when using any of the terminals previously named. Special emphasis should be made to be aware of what version of the ROM we have installed in our phone because, in situations where we do not want to keep the new versions of MIUI and look for a downgrade, it could suffer from the so-called “Bricks“.

MIUI 10 Global Beta release date

A new security measure that will give a lot of discussion material among users. What opinions do you have about this decision that would limit the use of previous versions of MIUI? Leave us your comments!

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