Miposaur ‘Smart’ Dinosaur – The Perfect Toy for your little ones

Sometimes while searching the Chinese stores, you came across a thing, basically, a toy which awakens your inner child. Same happened to us when we meet Miposaur – a ‘Smart’ Dinosaur which behaves like a real pet dinosaur. Obviously, it doesn’t try to eat you nor scare you like the stone age ones. Surely, the price is a little bit high but this is the perfect present for your little one for his birthday, Christmas or any special event.

Miposaur is manufactured by a well-known Hong Kong toy company called WowWee. WowWee is specialized in (toy) robots and remote controlled gadgets. The product is about 40 cm in length, same as a little dog but more fun and exciting. It is combined with elements of remote-controlled cars, minigames for smartphones and a Tamagotchi.


Miposaur – Gestures, remote control and more to play with

Talking about the first feature of Miposaur is that it is controlled via gestures. While in hands, it stops and turns through a swipe gesture in the corresponding direction; that works in our experience but only conditionally. The locomotion is achieved through two wheels, enabling it to hold its own balance. Moreover, clapping and pull the tail of the toy has different effects. We said differently because the reactions of the Dinosaur depends on upon its mood, like the real ones. In order to see the mood change of Miposaur, a color change of the LED can be seen on his back. You can change its mood from the app by saying it some few words. A detailed list of all the functions can be studied through the manual.


Apart from the autonomous actions followed by a triple clap to start, it also has a trackball called accessory. The best part is that it has a mode called the leash mode, through which it starts to follow you like a predator hunting a prey. Don’t worry! It won’t kill or eat you. For the function to work well, we recommend a maximum distance of five meters, as the toddlers don’t run that far.

Like previously said, there is also a separate app for Miposaur which is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app includes tons of features and mini-game featuring dinosaurs. So, he can depend on various digital feed thus affect his mood. It’s almost similar to Talking Tom but with a real pet toy rather than a virtual one. The best part is that it also offers the possibility for remote control and to play music from your phone, to which he dances. If anyone has another Miposaur then get ready for a fight between these two. If you are unable to get anything from the manual then the app also features a video by WowWee itself, which explains the functions.



In short, Miposaur is a perfect partner to have; with certain charm and fun. Obviously, there are some flaws, some features sometimes don’t work properly. But that’s sometimes. Otherwise, it fulfills the dream of your child or yours to have a pet dinosaur.

Price and Availability

Miposaur can be purchased from Amazon for $98. Hope that you’ll enjoy while playing with it.




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