MinSu NV – 01 Intelligent Navigation Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offered For $179.99

MinSu might not be the most popular brand in the West, but this home appliance manufacturer is actually quite well regarded in China. Its products are usually well made, properly designed and aren’t expensive. The latest NV-01 vacuum cleaner can easily compete with Xiaomi or Roomba smart cleaners and it costs a mere fraction of their price. See what this device is capable of and learn why you should get it for your home.

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MinSu NV-01 unsurprisingly looks like your typical smart vacuum cleaner. Low profile allows it to easily get under the bed or couch, which is a big advantage compared to vertical vacuum cleaners, allowing cleaning in normally inaccessible surfaces. The upper part is elegantly finished in a brushed steel style, and the rounded corners lessens number of bumps with the furniture legs’. The brushes are replacable, and the dust container has a capacity of up to 500 ml, so you won’t have to empty it often. As previously mentioned, the water tank is very small, but the dripping system uses the water efficiently, so it’s not that big of a deal.

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Vacuuming capabilities

Its 2200 Pa suction power and brushless motor easily deal not only with dust but also with bigger debris like rice scattered on the floor or beans. Working precision is improved with a host of infrared and ultrasound sensors that map the apartment. SLAM algorithm, as it is called, can map the home so precisely that, at least according to designers, it will cover 99% of the floors. And in fact, it really effectively navigates through the furniture and aren’t prone to blocking, unlike cheap smart vacuum cleaners that traverse floors semi-randomly. Sensors located at the bottom of the cover protect it from falling down the stairs, and it is able to climb obstacles up to 15 degrees and 15 mm high.

Clean with Smart Vacuum Cleaner

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NV-01 can also mop your floor wet. Just fill the 100 ml water tank with water and detergent and pick relevant cleaning mode. While the tank is quite tiny compared to other smart cleaners, it uses the water effectively by keeping constant low liquid pressure and no dripping. After finishing the cleaning cycle or in case the battery level is low, it returns automatically to the charger. Besides, the entire device consumes only about 30W, so it is definitely power saving.

MinSu NV - 01 Intelligent Navigation Alexa Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Black


The controls are really simple: there are three buttons on the cover that change working mode and start cleaning and you can use remote to control it as well.  NV-01 has even LCD display that displays status and acts as a clock. Real fun starts when you install dedicated app, available for phones and tablets with iOS and Android, so you can easily launch it on any smartphone. The app allows for reviewing the floor map, created by SLAM algorithm and taken from sensor readings. This makes it possible to plot the cleaning route and select the rooms that you want to be vacuumed (or mopped). Moreover, the app shows also total area left to clean in square meters, battery level and the time remaining to the end of the cycle. Work can also be scheduled, for example for vacuuming every Monday and Thursday at 9 o’clock, so the robot will be doing his duty while you’re away at work. And if that wasn’t enough, it can be connected to an Alexa ecosystem for voice control. Smart!

MinSu NV - 01 Intelligent Navigation Alexa Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Black

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Conclusion And Availability

MinSu NV-01 is a great smart gear with rich capabilities that will find its use in any home. It has all the features of modern robot cleaners: it maps rooms, can be controlled through a smartphone or with voice via Alexa and it even has a mop for brushing hardwood floors wet. Add the attractive price and you’ll get great deal and top Christmas gift idea! MinSu NV-01 Smart Vacuum Cleaner is available on GearBest with inexpensive Priority Line Shipping. Available with premiere price of $159.99 only until December 9th. Click the button below to go to the store and buy it now!



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