MINIX NEO X39 Review – New Android Box with SOC Rockchip 3399

Do you need suggestions for a good TV box? So, this time I am here with a TV box named MINIX NEO X39. This is the latest one from one of the leading brands MINIX and many more features have been added to this latest version. In this article, I am gonna discuss every pros and con about MINIX NEO X39. So, stay connected if you want to get an honest MINIX NEO X39 review.

MINIX NEO X39 review

MINIX NEO X39 is updated from its previous version and as per many experts’ opinion, there is a huge difference between MINIX NEO X39 and its previous version. Minix has brought many changes this time in MINIX NEO X39. So let’s take a look on  MINIX NEO X39’s main features.

The Hardware

Minix has updated their hardware system in  MINIX NEO X39. It has a powerful and high configured CPU and GPU. Its main core is Octa-core with SoC RK3399 processor of ROCKCHIP and 64 bit firmware. Its OS is Android 7.1.1.
Its GPU is Mali-T860mp4 and this update has improved the video resolution a lot.

It has a type DDR4 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. In the previous version, it is a 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. See the amazing update!

It has an external microSD slot and you can expand your 32 GB storage memory up to 64 GB with a memory card. This is incredible. Still external microSD slot has not become a common thing in TV boxes and obviously, this makes MINIX NEO X39 a little bit different from others in a good way.

Connectivity Ports And Network Connections

In MINIX NEO X39, wireless connections are available like WiFi MiMo 2 × 2 AC Dual Band and Bluetooth. It’s Bluetooth version is 4.1. It has an external antenna as well.

It has three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, and a Type-C USB port.  It has gigabit network connector and SPDIF output port for digital audio.

It has an HDMI 2.0 port for videos and a power port for the external power adapter and power supply.
It has a remote controller and one A3 Air mouse is pretty smarter.

This is all about MINIX NEO X39’s connectivity ports and network connections. It has a rich connectivity system and well-configured network connection system as well.

MINIX NEO X39 Review
MINIX NEO X39 Review

High resolution video and good audio support

As I said before its Mali-T860mp4 GPU has improved its video resolution a lot, now we will discuss it video and audio performance.

Its decoder supports HD MPEG1/2/4, H.263, H.264, H.265. MINIX NEO X39 is giving you up to 4K @ 60 fps resolutions.

It supports a lot of video formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV, ISO, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, TP, TS, VOB and so on. From users opinions and personal experience, I am gonna tell you MINIX NEO X39 is giving a better video performance with its quality decoder and high-resolution video support.

MINIX NEO X39’s audio performance is good enough and supports audio formats like AAC, DDP, DTS, FLAC, OGA, OGG, WAV, WMA and so on.

As it has a highly configured GPU configuration, it supports some 3D photo formats like jpg and mpo. It supports photo formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc as well.

Multi lingual support

MINIX NEO X39 supports various languages. It supports almost all popular and frequently used languages around the world like English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and so on. MINIX NEO X39 is a global product and if you are interested you can give a try with MINIX NEO X39 without thinking about your geographical location and language staffs.

Some other exciting features

You have already seen the main features of MINIX NEO X39 and the performance is satisfactory. Now let’s move on to something else. MINIX NEO X39 is giving you some incredible features and it makes MINIX NEO X39 smarter.

You can enjoy 3D videos and 3D games via MINIX NEO X39 because it has a highly configured hardware system. If you want to use MINIX NEO X39 in an analog system, you can use it as MINIX NEO X39 is giving you NTSC support.

You can enjoy wireless and wired streaming from your smartphone, laptop or any other device to your smart TV via MINIX NEO X39 TV box. MINIX NEO X39 is giving you the opportunity to stream in your TV from the devices attached to your home network as MINIX NEO X39 has Miracast and DLNA support for your devices.

MINIX NEO X39 makes your experience better as it has ISO files, PAL, Air mouse and OTG  support for you.

With MINIX NEO X39 package you will get TV box, one power adapter, one OTG cable, one HDMI cable, one Air Mouse, Antenna, USB receiver, one Remote Controller and one English User Manual.

See, those features are not like mandatory for your TV box but they are helpful for you, huh?

This is all about MINIX NEO X39’s features and hardware and software structures. Now let’s move on to another topic.

Design And User Interface

You have already seen the exciting features. Now let’s see its design and interface.

MINIX NEO X39’s design is unique and attractive. MINIX NEO X39 is a square shaped TV box. Its surface is smooth. In one of its surface, its brand name ‘MINIX’  has been engraved and it looks attractive.

The antenna is attached to one of its sidebars. The other connectivity ports like HDMI port, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, OTG port, power port etc are placed on other sidebars serially. There is enough space between each port and you have to face no problem if you want to use more than one port at a time. In its lower surface, there is an engraved android logo.

Let’s talk about MINIX NEO X39’s size now. Its size is not that much big but it’s not the smallest one available in the market. Its size is a little bit bigger than the smallest one available in the market. I think this is okay as MINIX NEO X39 has a lot of components to be placed like connectivity ports, antenna etc.

This is all about MINIX NEO X39’s user interface and design staffs. There is no confusion MINIX NEO X39 is a cool looking and user friendly smart Android TV Box.


If are reading this line, you have known everything about MINIX NEO X39 Tv Box. It has a lot of incredible features and some features have made MINIX NEO X39 a better option for you. You will find nothing disappointed here and you will love to use its exciting smart features. You will enjoy your time with MINIX NEO X39 with its highly configured Hardware and software configuration and obviously,  simple and attractive design and user friendly user interface. Go give a try with MINIX NEO X39!


MINIX NEO X39 Review – New Android Box with SOC Rockchip 3399
  • Design and user interface
  • Harware
  • Connectivity
  • Other features

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