[mini PC Deal] High-end Beelink M1 Offered at $169.99 [Coupon]

Though the TV box market is full of different brands and manufacturers, only a few of them deserve our attention and money. We regularly come in with different deals to help you in choosing the right device corresponding your requirements the most. Today is no exception. The Beelink M1 is a top-end mini PC that can handle any task. To implement this it should be packed with the best hardware and run on the latest software. Fortunately, the Beelink M1 does both. But as you guess, such devices can’t cost less – the mini PC is priced at 9.99 if applying the coupon (code: GBM14). I also think it’s worth mentioning you should hurry up with your decision, because such products at such a price tag are offered in limited quantity and limited time period.

Well, to understand whether the Beelink M1 deserves the pricing it’s offered at you should be acquainted with its key features. First, you should know it’s a Windows 10 – powered mini PC. This means all the new goodies made by Microsoft can be accessed with no problem. Plus, Windows 10 provides the way faster and smoother performance than all previous versions. Second, the Beelink M1 is packed with an Intel chip carrying a model name of Apollo Lake N3450. If you are not aware, such SoCs are mainly used in tablet PCs and notebooks such as the Chuwi Hi13 or Chuwi SurBook, respectively. But Beelink has decided to use it in its mini PCs. This is the second case after the S1 when we see the N3450 chip on a Beelink product.

Beelink M1

These are two selling points of the Beelink M1. Seems no more features can be mentioned, because these specs prove we are dealing with a high-end mini PC. But to get assured the rest of features are as well as these ones, let’s list them. This mini PC comes with an Intel HD Graphics 500, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 64GB of ROM that can be expanded up to 128GB via a SSD card slot, dual-band WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, 1000Mbs LAN, and many interfaces including a USB 3.0 and VGA ports. Of course, it supports 4K video content at a H.264 decoding.

Actually, mini PCs from this category cost the way more. Say, the same Beelink S1 is priced at $279.99. so, if you have been looking for a top-notch mini PC at an affordable price tag, the Beelink M1 should be what you want.


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