Minecraft: The Android Game worth your attention!

Are you a game freak wandering in the search of a game that involves Zombies, excitement, creativity and thrill? Then Minecraft is the perfect option you could use for yourselves. In this article below, I have mentioned the Minecraft Apk along with its download link and installation guide. Help yourself-

What is Minecraft Apk?

Minecraft apk is a game developed by Mojang which basically has the storyline of surviving in a world of zombies with unlimited resources by creating houses or even castles and weapons for protection like rockets and explosions.

You can play this amazing and thrilling survival game over your Android phone or Windows 10 as well. This game also allows you to slash commands. You can tweak how the game is played by giving away your items or altering the day time and summoning mobs as well along with many other options.

The game has free add-ons to offer so you can simply customize the experience with this game. For creating new resource packs, you are allowed to modify data-driven behaviors in the game.

If you search on the Google Play Store, you will realize that Minecraft game comes for some 500 bucks along with many in-app purchases. However, in this Minecraft Apk version, you get the complete game for free and have to spend nothing over it. 

To know more about this game, you can visit either their Support line- https.// or their website- https.//

Now that you know what the game is, I am sure you are excited to download it as well. I would however recommend you to once go through the features section too so as to know more about the game.

Minecraft Apk Download

Following is the download link to Minecraft Apk for android download. All you have to do is click on the link and then enjoy your zombie survival game!.

App name- Minecraft Apk

App size- 80 MB

App version-

Developer- Mojang

Android Compatibility- Android v4.2 and above

Last Updated- 18.04.2019

Minecraft Download Apk

How to install Minecraft Apk for Android?

Here is the simple and easy tutorial on how you can install Minecraft Apk for Android.

Step 1. Download Minecraft Apk for Android from the download link given above.

Step 2. To begin with, Enable Unknown Sources Option from the Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources Toggle.

Step 3. Go to the location where you saved the file, when it is downloaded.

Step 4. Once you open the file, click on the Install Button.

You are done here. Soon the installation process will begin. Be patient until then. Once it is completed, you are all set to enjoy gaming on Minecraft apk.

Minecraft Apk Features

Following are a few specific features of Minecraft APK that you should once go  through to know what this app provides their users with.

1)  Creative Mode– Through the infinite number of blocks that you get to construct, your creativity and imagination are boosted. Just like the childhood block games whose motive is to enhance the creativity of young minds, this game works the same way. With this feature, there also comes an option of building blocks for pets and their houses.

2) Complete Game Unlocked- When you use Minecraft Apk to play the game, the whole game gets unlocked. This means you can start playing your best since the first game.

3) Multiplayer Mode– The feature of playing along with your friends online increases your overall interest in this game. You get more chances to involve with your friends plus you can enjoy building and going through a virtual world.

4) No Ads– As you are given the right of playing this game in offline mode, there won’t interrupt any ads out of the blue to ruin your gaming experience.

5) Sandbox Crafting and Juggernaut building-  There comes the feature of building juggernaut and crafting sandbox.

6) Customize fights– This game provides you the feature of customizing fights in it by allowing you to create peculiar weapons like explosions and rockets. While playing this game, you can create amazing weapons with the help of a builder.

7) Play game in Offline mode– You can also play Minecraft apk without having an internet connection or access to the net. Thus it will help you save your phone data as well. Noting to disturb you anymore!

In-app Permissions Required For Minecraft Apk

 Following are the in-app permission that Minecraft would need to work on your Android phone-

  1. View connected network.
  2. Access to the Network.
  3. Find accounts on device.
  4. Read contacts on your device.
  5. Read phone status and identity.
  6. Read contents of USB storage.
  7. Modify or delete USB Storage contents.
  8. Control Vibration.
  9. Receive data from internet..

Final Words

That was it for Minecraft Apk for Android. I hope you have downloaded and installed Minecraft Apk with the help of the article given above.

For any queries, feel free to ask us.


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