Xiaomi launched the new Mijia Smart Door Lock, an intelligent lock with 6 unlocking methods

Many people think that Xiaomi is a company that only launches smart phones, but the truth is that it knows how to defend itself in a large number of fields, and it can be said that it is everywhere. One of the categories that this company focuses on the most is smart homes, thus presenting a wide variety of products that have and incredible artificial intelligence. Adding to this list of products is the new Mijia Smart Door Lock, the smart lock that we are going to talk about today.

Two days ago, the AIOT Developers Conference 2018 was held in Beijing, China, and the main theme of the conference was “AI Empowerment, All Things InterConnect”. In this conference, Xiaomi announced the launch of this new door lock and some other products, as well as a few interesting facts about artificial intelligence, as well as talked a little about his new partnership with IKEA and was in charge of demonstrating the capabilities that they present in their voice assistant, Xiao AI.

Xiaomi launched the new Mijia Smart Door Lock, an intelligent lock with 6 unlocking methods

Xiaomi at the AIOT Developer Conference

At the AIOT Developers Conference, the first thing that Lei Jun talked about was the fact that Xiaomi Group started working on the IoT design four years ago, and that it has admitted around 2,000 devices, thus obtaining more than 132 million connections of different smart devices. On the other hand, the number of devices that are controlled by Xiao Ai is approximately 100 million units, while the total number of ‘alarm clocks’ exceeds 8 billion and the number of active users per month exceeds the 34 million.

At the same time, while all this was happening, Xiaomi and IKEA reached a strategic partnership. The complete line of intelligent lighting products that IKEA has will be connected to the large Xiaomi IoT platform in December, and will be compatible with the voice controls of Mijia App and Xiao AI.

Mijia Smart Door Lock at the AIOT Developer Conference

The company introduced a new smart lock

In addition to all that, as mentioned above, this Chinese manufacturer announced a new intelligent product made to improve the safety of homes around the world: the Mijia Smart Door Lock, which comes to market along with a variety of unlocking methods and links to applications belonging to Mijia.

As far as is known, the Mijia Smart Door Lock is designed by the Mijia ID design team. This new lock adopts a Genuine C-Class smart lock core, in addition to being able to support the recognition of fingerprints, passwords, NFC, Bluetooth and other unlocking methods (reaching a total of 6 methods). It also has 7 security sensors and more than 10 security technologies.

The company introduced the Mijia Smart Door Lock

Compared to other smart door locks out on the market, the main advantage that can be found in this Xiaomi lock is the support behind the company’s AIOT platform. For example, at the moment when the user opens the door, Xiao AI will welcome you, the home air conditioner will be adjusted to an adequate temperature, and much more. Regarding its release date, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock will hit the market on December 5 at 2:00 pm China time.

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