Mijia Quartz Watch Review

Recently, Lenovo decided to shake the smart wearables market with its hybrid watch named the Lenovo Watch 9. The latter is a very attractive accessory that combines features of both smartwatch and a traditional watch. Inspired by the success of the Watch 9, it released another model dubbed as the Lenovo Watch X. Both hybrid models were sold out instantly. We can’t say whether this success affected Mijia’s decision to launch a similar watch or not, but today the Mijia Quartz Watch released as the closest rival to the mentioned models.

Mijia Quartz Watch

All kinds of smart wearable handsets get new models one after another. On the contrary, the traditional watches are taken as a jewelry or even a culture. In this sense, in recent years, watches have become more than exclusive to luxury accessories. For some consumers, a beautiful traditional watch with some simple and practical functions is enough. More and more users choose to buy a high-value fashion watch for daily use. The newly announced Mijia Quartz Watch can face the requirements of both kinds of consumers.

The fashion watch market has been occupied by foreign big names for a long time. Because of their high price, they have become a plaything for a small number of people to show their individuality. As for the Mijia Quartz Watch is available in white, gray and black. It still maintains the minimalist design concept of the Mijia brand. The overall value is very high. It supports a quick strap replacement and can be easily transformed into a fashionable versatile weapon.

Mijia Quartz Watch

At the same time, the Mijia Quartz Watch also supports smart functions such as automatic timing, pedometer, world time, interval reminder, call reminder, and alarm clock. The price of the Mijia Quartz Watch is only 349 yuan, which is only one-quarter of the international brands of the same category. So it can be said we are dealing with a cost-effective hybrid watch.

Mijia Quartz Watch Appearance

The Mijia Quartz Watch adopts a minimalist design concept. The front glass of the watch is curved, and the edge naturally extends to the back cover of the case. The overall shape is thick in the middle only, while the edge is narrowed a lot. It makes the watch present a natural cobblestone-like shape.

The size of the watch is 40mm. It adopts the classic small three-needle and a double-dial design. The large dial shows the time and the small dial indicates the number of steps.

The Mijia quartz watch is available in three colors. The white model is equipped with a blue strap for a relaxed and casual feel. The gray dial has a gray strap, and the overall feel is mysterious and cool. The black version has a CD pattern. It will provide different texture under various light source angle.

Mijia Quartz Watch

The strap of the Mijia Quartz Watch adopts the Italian imported top layer cowhide material instead of the cheap rubber strap, which improves the overall texture. The top layer of cowhide on the front and back of the strap is specially treated for comfort and breathability.

Mijia Quartz Watch Mijia Quartz Watch

Actually, the straps of different materials and forms have their own advantages, and the meanings they impart are also different. Say, the leather is for formal wear, while the rubber is for sports and leisure. Most of the models currently offered on the market come with non-replaceable straps. To solve all the problems related to it, the Mijia Quartz Watch adopts the quick release strap design. So users only need to push the strap to remove it.

Mijia Quartz Watch

The width of the strap is 20mm. Users can choose any third-party 20mm strap on the market to match with their wearing.

Mijia Quartz Watch Waterproofness

The front of Mijia Quartz Watch is made of mineral coated glass. The surface is coated with anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective films. The transmittance of the whole mirror is 93%. You also have to know the cost of mineral coated glass is 3 times higher than that of the flat sapphire glass. It also has the toughness that sapphire does not have. It is more resistant to pressure and bumps during actual use.

Mijia Quartz Watch

The case of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel, which has a good scratch and corrosion resistance. The shell and the buckle are painted by PVD vacuum plating. After 86 steps of fine grinding, the shell hardness becomes way tougher.

Mijia Quartz Watch

The Mijia Quartz Watch has passed simulation tests in various extreme environments (such as high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature -40 degrees, thermal cycle test, etc.), as well as destructive tests (such as cross-cut test, wear test, pull torque test, etc.). The reliability of the product is guaranteed.

Mijia Quartz Watch

This watch supports 30 meters of waterproof. Under the hood, it carries a CR2430 battery as the power source and a built-in low-power Bluetooth 4.0 module. Thanks to them, the Mijia Quartz Watch will serve you more than 6 months. But once it’s discharged, you only need to easily disassemble and replace it.

Mijia Quartz Watch Functions

The Mijia Quartz Watch supports smart functions such as automatic timing, step counting, world time, interval reminder, call reminder, and alarm clock. Press and hold the button (the right crown) for 3 seconds to turn it on. After the power is turned on, the pointer will automatically adjust to the standard time.

Mijia Quartz Watch

The automatic timing function allows the Mijia Quartz Watch to automatically check the time of the watch every time it is connected with the Mijia APP, improving the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. There is a built-in professional motion sensor with precise step-counting function.

A separate step display area is set on the dial. The time and number of steps can be viewed by lifting the wrist. In addition, through the app, you can get more detailed step data, such as historical steps, calorie consumption, walking mileage, etc. Plus, users can win points and medals.

Mijia Quartz Watch

For travel enthusiasts, business travelers, the World Time is a useful feature. Just set the frequently used cities (up to 10) in the world time function. The watch will automatically turn the pointer to display the local time. When you click on Beijing time, the watch pointer can be switched back instantly.

The Mijia Quartz Watch is also equipped with a vibration reminder function such as interval reminder and call reminder. Its main advantage is that the watch is close to the hand. So you won’t miss it. Plus, it won’t disturb others. Set the interval reminder (such as vibrating every 30 minutes) to tell the watch when to vibrate.

Mijia Quartz Watch

Reasonable use of interval reminders is to combine with your own fitness or work plan to improve efficiency. In addition, the call reminder function supports the call alert function of up to 10 contacts. So users won’t miss important calls ever.


The Mijia Quartz Watch sports a stylish and versatile appearance, and also supports a variety of intelligent functions. At the same time, the price is only 349 yuan, which is affordable for large masses.


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