New LED light from Xiaomi to make your home even smarter

A new LED lamp from Xiaomi has done even more to prove that the Asian OEM is more than smartphones. In their bid to better the conditions of every home, they have launched a lighting solution which we’ll discuss in a moment. Unlike traditional light bulbs, this new Mijia Led Lamp has been made in such a way that it fits perfectly with the allowances of a smart home. It combines a feat of engineering with beautiful aesthetics and of course, functionality, to make things happen.

New LED lamp from Xiaomi & Mijia

To ensure the best service, this new LED lamp from Xiaomi was made with a total of 72 light bulbs. At that number, there is no doubt that lighting won’t be an issue. The light bulbs are also kept at so high a number to ensure they can respond to different parts of their operation differently.

Built into the design element is an IP50 rating which ensures that the lamp is protected from such foreign bodies as dust, insects and so on. That does well to account for the time that would have been otherwise spent on the daily cleaning of the lamp.

New LED lamp from Xiaomi


As at the time of writing, the lamp can only be connected to via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Quite frankly, those are the only ways you can make them work with other smart setups in your home. It is also worthy of note that the lamp can be controlled by using any of the designated Xiaomi assistants.

Those constitute the XIAO AI, Xiaomi voice assistant or the company’s Yeelight Voice Assistant app. It is being said that the developers of software governing the app are already looking to see how it can work with the Google Assistant in the nearest future too.


Xiaomi’s Mijia will do so much more than just light up your place. Connected to smart doors and windows, the light can be configured to come on automatically when a door is opened and go off when closed.

Likewise, the center light can be used as an internet connectivity hub in the home. Coming with voice controls, you can now make anything happen from anywhere in the house while neither pressing a button nor standing up to do anything at all.


Xiaomi released the Mijia to the market with a price tag of 399 yuan on it. Going by the prevalent exchange rates, interested users will be required to shell out about 53 Euros to get one of these.

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