More than 1 million units of the Mijia IH Rice Cookers have been sold worldwide

Resounding success in the home goods market on behalf of the Asian titan

Amid the wave of rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the possible launch of the Redmi 6A, the technological titan Xiaomi receives good news in its household items catalog, now the Mijia IH Rice Cooker, the professional rice cooker of the brand, has sold more than a million copies since its launch in 2016. In addition, Xiaomi officially revealed that the professional rice cooker Mijia IH has been used almost 40 million times, all this consummating a total success for the technological leader in his search of revolutionizing the intelligent lifestyle of users in each one of its aspects.

The professional rice cooker Mijia IH, a debut product for a new market

Mijia IH Food

The Mijia IH rice cooker was the debut product of the MIJIA catalog launched at the end of the first quarter of 2016, accompanied by different presentations of 3 LT and 4 LT of capacity in its pot. The product was popularized even in Japan, and with many similarities to the same sector of other brands as Muji, the Mijia IH represented the first success of the Mijia Ecosystem product range, since then, it has expanded its catalog in an impressive way.

Mijia IH rice cooker, a professional rice cooker for the best dishes

The rice cooker Mijia IH pursues the minimalist philosophy of Xiaomi in its design, it maintains the simplicity and premium air of the brand’s products. In its construction, it is made of PP material specialized for the kitchen sector, in addition to being removable, it also has a panel on its upper part for the manipulation of the device. Available in white.

Mijia IH Panel

Its construction and design characteristics have earned it several awards such as the DFA Asia’s Most Influential Design Award, the Red Star award in China, and even awards in the West such as the iF Design Award, given annually by the International Design Forum iF in Germany, and the IDEA Innovation Design Award, delivered in the United States.

The rice cooker has an interactive LED panel that shows relevant information during its handling, its intelligent section allows connectivity with the Mijia application to be manipulated through a Smartphone.

Mijia IH Functions

Its electromagnetic heating is one of the strong points of the Mijia IH rice cooker, which is achieved through a work of electromagnetic induction of the same device, generating an excellent heating and an even distribution of heat, ensuring an uniform cooking in less time, the internal tank of 3mm also allows the retention of heat, which generates a first-class thermal conductivity. Inside, it has an edible non-stick coating that will facilitate the cleaning of the rice cooker and will not allow it to stain.

The Mijia IH Rice Cooker allows you to cook rice in more than 3000 different ways

Mijia IH 3000 Rice Forms

The professional rice cooker allows you to cook rice in more than 3000 different ways, but also allows you to cook other foods such as soups, yogurts, cakes, steamed foods and much more.

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