Mijia Electric Screwdriver Offered at Discounted Price of $39.99 [Coupon]

Even if you do not like to repair anything yourself, we recommend you to have a screwdriver. And if you don’t want to spend much on such a tool and do not want to spend much effort when using it, there is always a good offer. We mean you can get your hands on an electric screwdriver. Of course, there are too many models on the market. But we are going to recommend to you the Mijia electric screwdriver, which is very handy and costs too little. At the moment, this amazing tool is discounted to $39.99.

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Like other Mijia products, the Mijia electric screwdriver has a minimalistic design. But unlike the most Mijia products and because of its nature, this tool comes in black. The body has no screws. It is made of high-quality engineering plastic material. Due to its comfortable grip and minimalistic look, this screwdriver won the German IF Design.

The Mijia electric screwdriver box comes with 12 screw heads, extension rods and a charging cable with a Type-C interface. Thus, you can charge it in a more comfortable way.

One of the selling points of this screwdriver is the torque of 5N·m. In comparison to other models, this a quite large torque. On the back, it has a rotatable design. The latter has several gear positions. When it is in the middle, it can be also used as a manual screwdriver. However, once rotated to the right or to the left, it will become an electric screwdriver with corresponding speed.

As the name suggests, the Mijia electric screwdriver sports a 2000mAh battery. This provides a sufficient use time. But when discharged, you can use the data cable and charge it quickly.

There is also a ring light around the sleeve. So in the dark conditions, just press the button to light it up.

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