Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch – All-in-one Smartwatch For $18.16

The current market is oversaturated with smart watches with round and soft profiles. This is not bad, but they have displaced almost entirely those watches that had a robust and durable finish. So much so that people tend to relate these robust appearances with old devices. However, the product that we bring today seeks to break with this scheme. Prepared for the action is the Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch. Not only does it recover the classic powerful essence of a sports watch, but it also has all the modern features of a smart watch, all while retaining an affordable price.

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Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch – A rock when it comes to resistance

Design & Appearance

The Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch has dimensions of 23.50 x 5.50 x 1.70cm. The strap has dimensions of 2.1cm wide and 7.8 inches long. We are facing a robust clock, whose weight reaches up to 0.078kg.

It has a total of 5 buttons on the sides, which have a corrugated design to give that touch of resistance. The strap has a classic buckle. Also, it has three colors to choose.

Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch colors

Built & Protection

The body of the Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch is constructed of plastic, while the strap is made of TPE. The dial has a Hardlex glass that allows it to withstand scratches and maintain good visibility under sunlight. The metallic buttons are resistant to corrosion and have been manufactured by a multi-channel cutting process. The watch has an IP68 certificate so that it can be submerged even up to 30 meters underwater.

Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch display

Battery Life

The Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch uses a classic removable button battery. This has a capacity of 550mAh, with which you can use the clock fully for months before it runs out.

Features & Connectivity

One of the strong points of this watch are its multiple functions. The first thing we must mention is that it can be synchronized with a Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. If you are searching for a watch to take care of your health, this smart watch offers you a pedometer, calories consumption, and sleep monitor. For daily life also offers you stopwatch, alarm, notifications of messages and calls and the possibility of taking photos remotely with your Smartphone. It also has different sensors to cover a wide range of areas, such as altitude, barometric pressure, temperature or UV monitor.

Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch features

Selling Points

  1. Robust design and construction
  2. 550mAh battery
  3. Multiple sports and health functions


The Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch recovers the essence of classic sports watches but with numerous smart features. Whether for daily life or physical activity, this watch will cover all your needs, all for a low cost.

Price & Availability

At this time the Microwear XR05 Smart Digital Watch is available at Gearbest at the cost of $18.16.


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