Microwear H5 Review: A smartwatch phone with excellent design and performance

Thanks to the smartwatch phones with the latest technology, the Microwear brand is back on the market. On this occasion, it does so by implementing the 4G network, which has combined with beautiful design and great features that go beyond expectations. This way you can enjoy the speed of the Internet 4G, which automatically gives you great GPS accuracy. We could say that we have seen many incredible smart watches of the company like the H2 or the L1, but just when we thought we had seen it all, it surprises us with the Microwear H5. A low budget smartwatch that is equipped with premium hardware range. Next, we will make an exhaustive analysis of its most important characteristics.

Microwear H5

Microwear H5: First Impressions

The clock is presented to us in a simple box, made of the most common and economic cardboard that can be imagined; We presume that Microwear opted for this style to save costs as much as possible. In general, it is square, black, with a design that simulates being textured and has dimensions of 10.00 x 9.00 x 7.50 cm and weighing only 110g. Also, on the front, we can see the word “Smart Wear” in a bright silver tone.

Microwear H5

Once we open the package, we will see the Microwear H5 placed in a special compartment slightly to the right. On the contrary, to the left, there is a small black box where we will find the included accessories.

Microwear H5

Something very important is that both the smartwatch phone screen and the sensor on the back are protected by a plastic film to avoid scratches or scratches inside the packaging.

Now, if we unravel the contents of the accessories package, we will confirm that, in addition to the watch, the complete package includes: a micro USB cable, a removable battery and an instruction manual.

Microwear H5: Design

The watch arrives disassembled, the battery is separated in the box and the lid is placed separately. So, to turn on the clock, the battery is inserted in the upper part of the cover.

Microwear H5

The Microwear H5 presents a particular design that every day becomes more common in this type of weareables. The fact, in particular, is that the dial is square and not round, in addition, the upper and lower sides are slightly inclined.

Microwear H5

As established by the manufacturer, the materials that were used to make this smartwatch are stainless steel for the front and plastic on the back, which indicates that it is a standard quality watch. On the contrary, his belt is made of rubber. This is really quality, quite thick, elastic and comes with a standard closure.

Microwear H5

The Microwear H5 comes with measures of 24.9 x 4 x 1.4cm and weighs around 70 grams. Also, according to the tastes you can choose between three color variants: black, red or silver. The body is forged of metal and its ultra-thin edges which surround the screen exalt its beauty even more.

Microwear H5

The smartwatch is well assembled in relation to its value, but of course, it feels that it is not one of the best quality in the market. There is no information about the water resistance, so it is not advisable to use it in humid environments. We can see that both the speaker and the microphone are not covered, in addition, there are small cracks, so you can not go to the shower with the device.

Microwear H5: Details

On the front where the screen is there is nothing surprising. Above it is the lens of the camera and the opening of the microphone, below is the hole of the external speaker.

Microwear H5

On the left, there is a micro USB port covered by a simple lid. On the other side, we see that there is a physical button that performs the function of turning the device on and off.

Microwear H5

On the back, there is a heart rate sensor. If we remove the lid again we can see the removable battery and above it, we have a slot for a nano SIM card.

Microwear H5: Screen

It has a unique design with a 1.54-inch rectangular capacitive screen that displays impressive images. The resolution of this is 240 x 240 pixels. The configuration of the small panel is really decent: high quality image, decent viewing angles. On the contrary, although it will not be noticed with the naked eye, given the low cost, if you look closely, the pixels are visible.

Microwear H5

Like many smartwatches in this price range, the Microwear H5 cannot boast an ideal brightness for all situations. In a room is not bad, but in the street or on a sunny day, you have to look more closely. The control is carried out both through the touch screen, as well as with the additional physical button. In general, the screen responds fluidly, without hanging up.

Microwear H5

Microwear H5: Hardware and performance

The Microwear H5 is equipped with a quad-core MTK6737 processor with 1.1GHz frequency. The chipset supports popular wireless interfaces and support with SIM card. At the same time, it has been combined with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory that can not be expanded. To be a smartwatch phone, the ROM is very up to expectations and also compensates for the lack of RAM. We could say that according to these specifications, the working capacity of the processor must be high.

Microwear H5

A distinguishing feature of Microwear H5 is the availability of the NFC module. This wireless data transmission technology allows you to pair devices at short distances. Naturally, both devices must have an NFC module. The technology is not new, but today it is very popular among users.

The overall performance of the Microwear H5

This particular chip is designed for a wide variety of portable electronic devices because it has a pretty good performance and is compatible with additional features. However, the main advantage of this processor is energy efficiency, one of the most important qualities in a wearable.

Microwear H5

The RAM, although it is below the average, is enough to guarantee trouble-free operation of the interface and fast start of the programs. The visualization of videos and the work of applications are definitely very fluid. While, as we mentioned, storage is fine for the budget.

Microwear H5

Now, regarding the NFC module. This is very helpful on multiple occasions because it allows you to pay in places where there is appropriate equipment, for example: in certain countries you can pay for transportation. In short, it turns out to have a lot in common with Bluetooth, but it’s much faster for device synchronization.

Microwear H5: Operating system and connectivity

According to Microwear, this watch comes with Android 6.0, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi-802.11 b / g / n with GSM + WCDMA network, being compatible, among other things, with the 4G wireless network. For this, it has a SIM slot that is on the back and only supports a nano SIM card. In this way, it will convert this smartwatch into a device that will work independently without the need to link it to any smartphone.

Microwear H5

In addition to that, it also has a GPS module, which combined with your favorite map application can allow you to track your position wherever you are.

Microwear H5

In practice, it may seem that the smartwatch is running Android 6.0 modified. In fact, the operating system is simpler but quite beautiful, called Android FunOS. Despite the deception, there are not many complaints in this sense because you can definitely perform all the functions without delays or buffering. What’s more, thanks to it you can install almost all the applications that you would normally have on your smartphone.

Microwear H5

Of course, it is remarkable that the manufacturer took much of the “green robot”. The icons are perfectly divided into desks, there is even a curtain with notifications, in which there is a quick configuration of several functions.

The Microwear H5 can work in two modes. First, as a mobile phone, when a SIM card is inserted. In this case, you can call directly from it and send notifications or messages. However, you will have to talk to the caller through the hands-free option. In addition, some other functions are available that do not require a connection to the mobile device. Second, smart watches can be a complement of a smartphone, through the use of the mobile application.

Microwear H5: Functions

When talking about heart rate and other activities, the company says that the analyzes are accurate and professional. Which is followed by other sports and health monitoring activities. An example is the multi-sport mode to track all your activities, whether cycling or running, which will be added to the analysis of professional data.

Microwear H5

Specific functions of the Microwear H5

Messages: it is possible to send SMS directly from the watch thanks to the support of the SIM card.

Call log: calls that are made from the installed SIM card are displayed.

Bluetooth configurations and connections: various configurations for the interface, you can see the paired devices.

Manage Bluetooth notifications: from the clock, you can specify which notifications will be displayed.

Microwear H5

Remote control of the camera: from the smart watch, you can control the camera of the smart phone, you need to install the application.

Device search: the function will help you find a mobile device that will emit a signal.

Clock settings: you can select the language, the brightness level, the sound mode and more.

Microwear H5

The pedometer: counts the number of past steps. which does not think exactly.

Sleep Supervision: track how you sleep. It is true that the function is almost useless because it is implemented very poorly.

File manager: allows you to view files stored in the device memory or on a memory card.

Microwear H5

Audio player: starts the music, as well as from the memory of the clock, and serves as a Roman console for the smartphone.

Camera: allows you to take photos and record videos.

Video player, calculator, calendar, alarm clock, voice recorder: a standard set of applications.

Receive notifications: the smart watch shows messages from social networks, information about calls losses and more.

Microwear H5: Camera

Speaking of the fantastic features, the manufacturer decided that a smart watch like this should have a camera and not just anyone! On the front, above the screen is installed a 2.0MP sensor that can be interpolated up to 5.0MP.

This will allow you to capture images whenever you need it. In addition, you can easily have a perfect video chat with friends or family using it. And although most could not have high hopes for a camera of this type, this incredibly will make enough decent shots to be able to see them later on a large monitor or screen.

Microwear H5

In practical terms, the performance of the camera is more than acceptable. We could say that it stands out above other similar devices because its quality is surprising, taking into account that it is a smartwatch. Even in dark environments but with enough light, you can capture a pretty decent picture. The H5 is really ideal for those moments when we do not have our smartphone at hand but we do not want to miss a great landscape.

Microwear H5: Battery

In terms of battery, the Microwear H5 has a built-in lithium polymer battery with a standard capacity of 600 mAh. Therefore, you do not need to worry about battery life when you go out for a walk because it can withstand several days of normal use; or an operation of up to 6 hours if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used continuously and simultaneously. Finally, it is removable so it can be easily removed to replace it.

Microwear H5

Microwear H5: Specifications

Brand: Microwear
Model: H5
Certificate: IP67 (water and dust)
Image format: GIF, JPG, PNG
Music format: AAC, AMR, MP3, OGG, WAV
Video format: 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4
Operating system: Android 6.0
CPU: MTK6737, 4 cores
External memory: No
Connection type: Bluetooth, Wifi
Bluetooth: V4.0
Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
SIM slot: Yes. 4G
Navigation: GPS
Sensors: Heart monitor
Functions: Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor, Messaging and calls, Heart rate monitor.
Display: Capacitive 1.54 inches
Screen resolution: 240 x 240p
Smartwatch language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.
Camera: 2.0MP (SW 5.0MP)
Battery: 600mAh
Dimensions of the product: 24.9 x 4 x 1.4cm
Dimensions of the package 10 x 9 x 7.5cm
Product weight: 70g
Package weight: 110g
Includes: Microwear H5, USB charging cable, Removable battery, Instruction manual.

Microwear H5: Final conclusions

The Microwear H5 is the best choice for users who need an economical smart watch that includes a complete package. The battery, connectivity, network, storage, hardware and software are within average. In addition to that, it facilitates the life and comfort of the user, something that for its price range is more than ideal.

Microwear H5

Likewise, it is a very durable product with a standard quality construction and outstanding qualities. Actually, we could say that it has all the features expected of a smartwatch. And being compatible with the 4G network is automatically more independent than most devices of this type. You can receive calls, chat, watch videos or listen to music through the Internet without the need for a smartphone as a backup.

Microwear H5: Availability and price

If you are interested in acquiring this Microwear smartwatch, we invite you to enter the online stores of Gearbest, Aliexpress and Banggood. All of them offer the product at an excellent price: in Gearbest you will find it for $99.99, while in Aliexpress and Banggood it is for $89.99. So that way you have more options and to make your shopping experience easier, below we place the direct links to the pages.

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