Microwear H2 Smartwatch Review: AMOLED screen, Android 5.0 Lollipop and MediaTek SoC

Surely very few know the brand  Microwear, so it will not generate confidence. But let me tell you that it is a company that specializes in the manufacture of smartwatch and smartphone with the Android operating system.

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Today we want to recommend the new  Microwear H2, a smartwatch that incorporates technical specifications quite interesting and competent to make the device efficient enough, but best of all is the price, very economical compared to other smartwatches that we can find in the market.

microwear h2 smartwatch review

Official technical specifications of the Microwear H2 

  • Screen AMOLED 1.39 inches (the same used by Huawei watch).
  • Processor MediaTek MTK6580 Quad Core at 1.0 GHz.
  • Memory RAM 1 GB.
  • Internal storage 16 GB.
  • 2 Mp Mp3 Player
  • GSM Network: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz WCDMA: 850 / 2100MHz.
  • Nano SIM
  • 3G
  • OS Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 400 mAh battery.
  • USB port.
  • Update via OTA.

microwear h2 smartwatch review

Microwear H2 smartwatch review


The Microwear H2 incorporates a MediaTek quad-core processor at a speed of 1.0 GHz which is paired with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage without the possibility of increasing it through MicroSD memory. Well, in our testing period of usage it seemed to perform normal tasks pretty well without any stutter or lag, Also I didn’t notice any kind of heating issues with it. So yes it pretty on par with smartwatches in this price range.

microwear h2 smartwatch review


The  Microwear H2 has a circular design that makes it much easier to use, a rubber strap and two buttons that will allow a quick setup. The H2 incorporates a total of 40 designs which you can choose freely and set them at any time, but if these do not convince you, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network and download more to your liking.

microwear h2 smartwatch review

Network & Call

This smartwatch incorporates a port for a single SIM memory, just like any other mobile device we can receive and make calls using the 2G / 3G network and other GSM networks mentioned above. But the Sim Slot seems to be very weak in my opinion, and it is advisable to not always change or play around it as it can even make it stick out and naturally it will stop detecting any further sims And will lose its sim functionality. Although coming to its main highlights, We seem to have no issue in the network aspects though it still gives fewer signals than any traditional phone. Also, the call quality output from the speaker is a bit on the dull side and sometimes it will just give a clumsy noise with the output But still a good thing is that the microphone is decent, and the reception has no problem with my voice output in our testing, But as it lacks any types of noise cancellation so in any crowded place you will see some disturbance in the audio quality often. Also, it can help you to send text messages directly from the smartwatch itself to any of your saved contacts, But typing is a nightmare on this phone and can always get incorrect words even after many tries. It is advisable to use your phone instead to send a text message to someone Otherwise you might mess around with some words.

Storage & RAM

Also, one more main astonishing feature of the Microwear H2 is a whopping internal storage which can help you get most of your storage without needing any external sd card for many users like me. As it is a smartwatch so probably there is no need for storage more than 16GB.

microwear h2 smartwatch review


The display of this smartwatch is awesome and without having any minor complaints from my side, Well this might be the main selling point of the smartwatch as it comes with a super AMOLED 1.39 screen, Which is awesome to see and the colors are very vibrant too, Also the touch response is pretty good as well and in our time of testing it, We seem to find no issues regarding the touch sensitivity or the response rate.


microwear h2 smartwatch review

The Microwear comes with many extra features such as:-

  • Camera – Which in our testing perform decently in well bright outdoor lights whereas got worse and worse when came in with indoor low light condition, Making it completely unusable. But can still use it as fun to play time pass but don’t expect any wonders from it!
  • GPS – Gives you the access to locate your smartwatch freely anywhere with the help of your internet connection and can locate any area you are standing by and can also give you directions to your place where you want to go.
  • Fitness Features – It comes with many handy features in this segment such as Sleep Tracker, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Calories Burnt and much more. Also, it records your steps in real time, Sync to your phone to see a detailed report. Microwear H2 is able to download Nike+, Etc Fitness apps Directly on the smartwatch to see your detailed stats and can connect with your phone to sync the data as well. The Pedometer seemed to be very accurate in this smartwatch without taking any extra steps further than taken. Also, the heart rate monitor is giving the accurate stats as well.
  • Anti Lost – This smartwatch phone comes with a feature which can be really handy in situations when you have lost the smartwatch for some reasons and cannot able to find it out by any means, But to utilize this function your phone must be connected t the wireless networks like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection in order to get notified on the watch. It basically rings your smartwatch into its highest level of volume capability it can reach and when then make sure you have it right on your hand. In our testing, the speaker of the watch seems to be muffled when got a couch and The anti-lost feature cannot seem to detect it very wisely unless and until we take the phone nearer to the smartwatch through its companion app.
  • Notification Reminder –This is a feature which can be really appreciated by many as what it does is make you a reminder of any new notifications on your phone which in the event you might be missed in your phone by this smartwatch will detect and will then send you a little glimpse of it and you can even further reply by there, Also if you are in a situation when you cannot answer the call in your phone the AllCall W1 will help you make the conversation directly from the phone itself.
  • Watch Faces Customization – The Microwear H2 comes with many watch faces to customize the best look and feels for your device, Giving options from analog style to the fitness screen capability. But as this comes with an AMOLED display so I prefer to have black background Watch which not only looks DOPE but also consumes less battery.

Battery Life

This is the where many people make decisions whether to consider the smartwatch or not. As the battery is the highest priority for many no matter whether it is a phone or even a Bluetooth earphone. Everyone expects a battery such that it can get them a whole day of usage with at least 20% left till the bedtime, No matter what the usage will be.

And this is where the Microwear H2 Excels, By giving an enormous 2 days of constant usage, The battery life for this smartwatch is awesome. And also it can charge in 1.5 hours to give a full 2-day usage, Thanks to the AMOLED Screen.

Prices & Conclusions

The price of Microwear H2 is around $100 and is available in gold, silver, and black that you could not miss. The purchase is completely safe, can be made from the online store Gearbest and the price may vary depending on its location.

The Microwear H2 is definitely a must buy Gadget for its price, And if you have never used a smartwatch before and wanting to have one. We recommend you get this because the features it incorporates with it, are way too awesome and cannot be expected more for this price. Though if you are a user for whom IP 68 is must, Then you should look other smartwatches than this. But if you are above that need then here is the link, So just head over and buy it without any other thoughts.


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  1. Your POOR grasp of grammar makes this review UNREADABLE. You having the writing skills of a 5 year old! Doesn’t anyone proof read what you write before it is published? How can anyone expect the average reader to believe your review if you can’t even spell words properly? I stopped reading your review after I quickly realized that you are not able to write in manner that is even remotely correct. I thought this article was a “sponsored” joke! Did you write this article with that watch? That is how it appears…. try using Google translator to atleast spell your words correctly…. and maybe Microsoft Word to fix your poor grammar. I could go on, but I think you get the meaning of what I am conveying. Good luck in the future, but I will not read or believe anything you review until you do an much better job!

  2. stupid watch. they doesnt have proper apps to run in android. if you manage to run it, still not stable. it doesnt sync fitness data, you have to stay connected with mobile apps. you need to carry along the phone jogging in order for the watch to work. Xiaomi Amazfit products are much better. thanks.

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