Microsoft’s Office 2010 Pro Plus: What’s inside?

Are you planning to get the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus? If your answer is yes then you better stick with this page. There is no doubt that Microsoft office is one of the most useful applications out there. But you cannot deny the fact that there are also so many other options are available.

So before you go ahead and purchase Microsoft’s Office 2010 Pro Plus. It would be nice to know what is offering. And that is what I am going to share in this article. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Microsoft’s Office 2010 Pro Plus: What’s inside?

Customizable Ribbon

One of the first features that it comes with is the customizable ribbon. This feature was basically introduced back in Microsoft office 2007. However, there were quite a lot of users who complained about the Ribbon menu and did not meet the expectations. Instead, it made difficult common operations. As well as the users were failed to customize it in their way.

However, with Office 2010, a lot of things has changed. Now both users and administrators have capabilities to modify the ribbon according to their needs. Now you can customize each of the element of ribbon. Also, the features and tools can be regrouped according to your needs. As well as you can customize the tabs.

By customizing ribbons, you will be able to increase your productivity level. As you will now be able to access most of the features pretty easily and get done with your job faster. What’s more? You can also save customized ribbons and incorporate into other copies of Office 2010.

With office 2010, the administrators will also have the ability to distribute and create custom ribbons to users across the network. Moreover, Administrators can use group policy tools to prevent end-users from changing custom-deployed Ribbons.

Built-in Graphics Toolset

With the Microsoft office 2010, you will also be getting a lot of graphics tool throughout its various applications. The main goal was to make it easier to insert images, videos, and other graphical elements into a document, presentation or in an excel file.

However, in the past visual elements required editing to prepare them for Microsoft office files. Hence, you always had to rely on third party software.

However, with the latest version of the office, you are getting a lot of tools which helps you to easily embed most of the image and video cutting tools. In short, with Office 2010 you will not have to leave office while working with the graphical elements. Office 2010 includes tools for cropping, resizing, color correction, and layer and background removal (edge detection), as well as brightness controls, contrast controls, artistic effects, visual styles and so on.

Even thanks to all these features it is cutting down the need for additional video and image editing tools. As well as it is now faster and easier to deal with images.

Enhanced Security

With the office 2010, you will get to taste enhanced security. Back in the past, Microsoft office has been a threat to quite a lot of threats. From micro viruses to different vulnerabilities. It was a threat to many cases. Even because of these threats the users often had to rely on frequent updates, patches, and third-party security products. So they can keep their system safe from all the threats.

However, now that is not the same case anymore. With Office 2010 you are getting several technologies which will help you to enhance security and protect the system from threats. One of such security feature is the protected view. So whenever you open a new document from an unknown source it will open in a sandbox or protected view. In this mode you will be able to see the document but wont be able to edit it. And if you think that there is no threat in using the document then you turn off the protected mode feature and start editing the file.

Paste Preview

Next there is the Paste preview feature. There are often times when we end up pasting graphics, columms, a huge number of text between files. Even in some cases we get unexpected result. For example you may not want formatting to be copied from one column to another in Excel, or you may want to remove source formatting when copying text between Word documents. And in these cases the copy and paste feature rally sucks. But with Office 2010 you will get a better control over the pasting feature.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Microsoft office 2010 features. So in case if you are planning to purchase Microsoft office 2010 professional then do check out . As they offer some of the best deals on office applications.

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