Microsoft Cortana will show up in Cyanogenmod 12.1

Microsoft Cortana, a virtual assistant introduced in Windows 10, will now be a part of the new Cyanogenmod 12.1. It’s about an year that the battle between Siri and Cortana remains open and unsolved. Siri is a virtual assistant of Apple in iPhones while Cortana is of Microsoft in Windows 10 and Windows Phone. Both are outstanding. But we have to choose one, who will it be? Thus, the case remains unsolved.

Why Microsoft Cortana wants to engage with Cyanogen?

The answer is quite simple. No doubt, Microsoft Cortana is a good assistant. But the problem is that it is used in Windows only (probably Windows Phone and Windows 10). That OS, which is on the third when it comes to users running it. In order to become the most widely used virtual assistant and highest rated by users, the only option is to provide Cortana to the Android users (specifically the Cyanogenmod one). As Microsoft is on 3rd position and Android (Cyanogen one) on 1st when it comes to the user rating, the world’s renounced ROM and OS has united together to defeat Apple and Google

Microsoft Cortana

Moreover, this would be beneficial for both of them. Android will have a virtual assistant, apart from Google. Whereas, Microsoft will have more users to use their products. Isn’t it a good strategy?

New features and integration for CyanogenMod 12.1 Cortana

2016 is the year of the definitive takeoff for Cortana. The partnership between Microsoft and Android Cyanogen will bring not only the integration of this wizard in version 12.1, but it will also may offer extra features not found in the version adapted to Android. These includes the conflict between Google and Now Cortana to access certain system functions which are prohibited.

Microsoft Cortana

The movement seems to be logical as Microsoft has recently invested $70 million in Cyanogen. The goal is to eliminate Siri and Google as the most popular one. The first step by Microsoft was to use Bing instead of Google. Now the second step is to make Microsoft Cortana the only dominating virtual assistant. Making Cyanogen’s ROMs as allies is a good plan, to complete that step.

So get ready for your Cyanomod to be update or changed from the manufacturer’s Android version because Cortana will be there.






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