Mi Router 4C goes on sale for only $12

The cheapest Xiaomi router at the moment.

Xiaomi, which also makes routers, is invading the market with new innovative versions. Currently, the Xiaomi routers line is used by 11 million people daily, 2.460 million orders are made daily and maintains a rate of 1.455 million connected devices. However, Xiaomi is an example that technology should not be the privilege of a few, everyone should be able to enjoy it. And that’s what the Xiaomi Mi Router 4C proves going on sale in China with an absolutely incredible price.

Previously, they launched the Xiaomi Mi Router 4, special for fiber optics, and the Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q with OpenWRT. A few days later, both models gots the update following Xiaomi’s agreement with Jinshan Cloud to offer navigation improvements. Now Xiaomi launches Mi Router 4C as an alternative with a highly competitive and affordable price.

Affordable Xiaomi Mi Router 4C sells for just $ 13

Same design, varied functions

As the third product of the series, in terms of design, it remains the standard of its predecessors. However, this version offers 4 omnidirectional antennas capable of transmitting signals in different directions. And next to them we can see two LAN ports 100M and a WAN port.

From this device, we can expect all the advantages of Xiaomi products, including compatibility with the Mi Home application. In addition, Mi Router 4 offers a built-in 64MB memory and new navigation improvements thanks to the agreement with Jinshan Cloud.

Although, for this price, some functions are sacrificed, like the 5 GHz WiFi. In this version only remains at 2.4 GHz with WiFi N up to 300 Mbps. However, that does not mean that this model also offers a catalog of functionalities. This product is capable of keeping 64 devices connected at the same time, even using Ethernet and WiFi, only by the power of its 64 MB DDR2 RAM and an MT7628DA processor.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C with 4 antennas

Network functions

With the integration of AI, we can control the security of our network like never before, even outside the home. Through its OpenWRT operating system, the device can identify the synchronization with new users who do not belong to the network. Then, if someone has hacked us, a notification will immediately alert us and we can place this user on the blacklist. In addition, with the WiFi Optimizer function, we can accelerate the speed of the four antennas of 5 db gain.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C with Artificial Intelligence

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Router 4C?

Mi Router 4C is the cheapest router in Xiaomi at the moment, with an official price that equals $12. However, as usual, is on sale exclusively in China and will soon be available through export stores.


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