Xiaomi announces the new Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder

A great gadget for our vehicle

Mijia is a secondary brand of Xiaomi that has been responsible for developing and designing a large number of products that have been manufactured under its brand. These products cover a wide range of needs and categories, starting with furniture, toys, gadgets for your home and even smart gadgets for our car. Based on this, Xiaomi and mijia have announced the new Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder a new Xiaomi rearview capable of record everything that happens while driving.

The Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder is a product of the combination of a dashboard camera, a backup camera, and a rearview mirror. However by default, the device does not include a backup camera at the time of purchase, but it can always be purchased separately and combined with The Mi Smart Mirror Recorder for those who need it during their travels.

Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder

Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder: features

The Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder has a 5-inch IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 854 x 480, it can be controlled thanks to voice commands; saying a simple word you can take pictures, start recordings in the front and rear cameras or change to backup camera mode (reverse).

The main camera that has the Xiaomi Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder is a Sony IMX323 with a 160 ° field of view and f / 1.8 aperture. The backup camera “70mai” sold separately, has 138 ° field of view and an IPX7 waterproof certification, both cameras have the ability to record at the same time and take pictures at 720p.

Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder

The Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder has a 470 mAh battery that can be recharged through the cigarette lighter port. Also supports class 10 microSD cards from 16GB to 64GB. The device connects to the Mijia application through any Wi-Fi network. Recorded videos and photos can be viewed in the application in real time and owners can choose which video or photo they want to save to their phones directly from the application.

Users who decide to buy this rearview mirror don´t have to remove the one that is already in their vehicle. The Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder is designed to be fixed simply with some straps that are included as part of the device.Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder

Where to buy the Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder?

If you have found this device interesting, and you want to know where it is available, both, the Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder and the 70mai Backup Camera will be listed in the online stores of Xiaomi and Mijia from 16 June for prices ranging from ¥ 399 ($ 62) and ¥ 99 ($ 15) respectively.

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