The Xiaomi Mi Home Application Adds Two New Languages

Mi Home App is now available in English, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.

With the recent update of the Xiaomi application called MI Home, French and Italian have been added to the available languages. This will facilitate the user experience for people who are from those two countries, who will no longer have to place it in English to understand what the app says.

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This is only one step, we still need to enable in Europe the option to control certain devices through the application such as light bulbs, vacuum robots, cameras, among others. Something that prevents users from that continent is able to enjoy all the services that Xiaomi offers, but they are expected to start enabling it very soon, so they can use everything to exploit the capabilities of the application.

If you want to obtain this update you should go to the Play Store and download the latest version of MI Home (5.1.26 ver.), which in addition to incorporate these two languages have been corrected some failures that had been presenting the application in its previous versions.

The Xiaomi Mi Home Application Adds Two New Languages

Italy and France closer to seeing the full potential of Xiaomi

The decision of Xiaomi to add these new languages makes us think that tries to enter the Italian and French market, what we hope is that it takes part of its numerous catalog of products for the home looking for a space in the market of those countries. Although there are already pages that sell some of their products, it may be that if they sell them themselves, the costs may be lower.

Without a doubt, it is a good decision to add more languages to the MI Home application looking for its use in as many countries as possible. But they must give all the options to the people of these countries so that they can expand the market to Europe, where their phones are already selling well and can obtain a space in the market for household products.



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