Mi Fit application is updated to add new languages and fix errors

The Mi Fit application manages the firmware of the Mi Band 3 wristband and the data accumulated by the user. Recently, a new update was made public outside of the Google Play platform. Now, Mi Fit corrects some errors and also adds new languages.

As mentioned after its release, one of the problems in Mi Band 3 was that it was only available with the Chinese language. But now that has changed. The new firmware also includes the Spanish and English languages.  Users can change their language automatically just by installing the new update. And, although not all the content has been translated, now it is much easier to use it.

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On the other hand, this new version of the Mi Fit 3.4.2 also comes to correct some minor bugs of the application. In addition, it will optimize some features such as payment functions for Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Cor Fitness.

The Mi Fit application is updated to add new features and fix errors

How to access the update of the Mi Fit application

If you wish to obtain the update, access the Mi Fit application or through this link:

Download Mi Fit 3.4.2 Apk

Once you download the update in your smartphone, just install it and follow the steps. When you open the updated application, it will show you an alert to install the new firmware in the Mi Band. Here it is only necessary to have the bracelet synchronized with the app and connected by Bluetooth at the time of the update. The process is super easy and fast, it takes approximately 5 minutes.

When you get the installation, the app will send you another alert of the latest update corresponding to the resources of the Mi Band where you can access the Spanish and English languages. And so, according to the language you have on your phone, that will be what the application automatically selects.

Mi Fit App

Unfortunately, Mi Fit is not yet available Google Play platform. So you will have to download it externally. But surely soon we can see it on Google Play, like the previous version Mi Fit 3.4.1. The application occupies only 44.12 MB and is compatible with Android versions from 4.3.

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  1. Is an updated version of Mi Fit available for iOS (Apple) phones, that will allow MI Fit 3 band screen language to be updated from Chinese to English?

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