Mi Crowdfunding – The New Xiaomi Platform in India

A new crowdfunding platform has been born in India and Xiaomi is actually the person in charge and owner of the project. Mi Crowdfunding will be the ideal place for new devices to come true depending on the interest that their users have.

While this program is new to India, it is not new to China, since Xiaomi has been running a similar program for some years. In India, Xiaomi made the decision to follow this same pattern, thus creating a similar system.

 Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding Products

From now on, users will be able to visit this new page on the official website of Xiaomi to know more about this great company. According to the information we have at the moment, Xiaomi will continue to bring a list of products to this new crowdfunding platform, and said products will be considered worthy or not worthy depending on the “likes” of the users.

If a certain amount of “like” is reached, Xiaomi will make the product a reality. Users will also have to pay for the product through the platform itself. However, if the various criteria in the list of products are not met before the deadline, the sponsors (users) will have the full price they paid reimbursed.

How does Mi Crowdfunding work?

The way in which the products that will leave Xiaomi are going to be chosen is the following: users must visit the page and then select a product. Then, they can click on “Support Now” if they like the product. After this, the user will have to pay through any of the online payment methods mentioned there. If the project ends by marking all the criteria tables and gets enough score, you can have that product.

At the moment, Xiaomi has only two products available on the Mi Crowdfunding platform. Those are the Xiaomi Tri-pod Selfie Stick and the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The tripod for selfies has a price of Rs 1,099 (about 174 dollars or 141 euros), while the Bluetooth audio receiver costs Rs 999 (about 158 dollars or 129 euros). Both products are about to obtain the full support of the users.

If you have any questions about the operation of the Mi Crowdfunding platform, you can visit the following link to learn more about this: 


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