Mi Bumblebee, the new computer backpack presented to us by Xiaomi and Hasbro

In case you have not heard, Xiaomi joined ties with the famous toys franchise, Hasbro, in 2016, in order to provide its millions of users with a Transformer robot that can become a false Mi Pad tablet. Having launched that product, both companies came together again to launch a new product, and this time it is a computer backpack that has the name of Mi Bumblebee, named after the most charismatic robot of the Transformers franchise.

In most of its versions, Bumblebee is a not too big Autobot, yellow and with black stripes. The design of the backpack is clearly inspired in it.

Mi Bumblebee, the new computer backpack presented to us by Xiaomi and Hasbro

Physical characteristics of the new Mi Bumblebee

This new Mi Bumblebee backpack comes to the market with a fresh and rigid body, which is based on a special double-layer protective cover with an ergonomic design. As mentioned above, the design of this product is inspired by the Autobot Bumblebee of Transformers, in addition to being able to provide a faceted element and a body that has a high resistance and an extra-large space. Thanks to its design, this backpack has a total internal capacity of 16L, a reasonable storage space for its size.

Its circumference is 53 x 35 x 16 cm, and its double shell surface is made from a combination of high strength materials of PC and EVA. On the other hand, the interesting design of this backpack also includes a hidden zipper that is located on the back. In addition to that, the shoulder strap is filled with cotton, plus it has a special built-in strap to carry this backpack with one hand.

Mi Bumblebee, the new computer backpack presented to us by Xiaomi

Internal design that this backpack has

Now, talking about the inside of this great product, we will find a special compartment made of cashmere material that has the function of supporting any laptop with a size up to 15.6 inches, plus, it is also equipped with separate storage pockets that can have multiple functions as needed by the user. On the other hand, inside this backpack, there are also small removable pockets, which are designed to meet different storage needs.

Already talking about prices, the new Mi Bumblebee backpack can be found available in Beetle Yellow and Armor Gray colors, and according to rumors, it will come with a market price of around 539 yuan (which at the current rate would be about $79).


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