Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 – A full Spec Comparison

Buyers are confused about which Smartband they should buy if their research ends up at Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Both of the Chinese companies are competing these days with their almost identical smart bands. Both carry slight differences between them and it is quite a challenging job to compare these devices.

But still, we dare to differentiate Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 4 smart bands on their features and other technical advancements. Both manufacturers have tried to put the best algorithms over their previous products of the same line.

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Mi band 4 vs honor band 5

While launching its Honor 9X and 9X Pro Smartphones, Huawei also announced Honor Band 5 with some technical advancements like Blood Oxygen Level Measurement, over the Honor Band 4. It will go on sale on July 29 in China.

Similarly, Xiaomi also revealed its Xiaomi Mi Band 4, adding some cool features over the previous version. However, both of the smart bands are very similar to each other by design, shape, and other prospects. But still, they have some differences, which we will elaborate on in this Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 spec comparison article.

Comparison Between Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 Smartband

Design and Build

Moving forward from the design, the Honor Band 5 adopts similar design and personality aesthetics to its predecessor. Further, it adds the biggest change in the screen resolution against the Honor Band 4. The 0.95-inch square display provides attraction and looks beautiful on the wrist.

The straps are made of Silicone material to ensure soft grip and comfortable wearing. You will get three colour choices – Blue, Light Pink, and Black. Moreover, it has Preset 8 dial themes with 100 available for download.

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Mi band 4 vs honor band 5

On the other hand, the Black-coloured Xiaomi Mi Band 4 carries a beautiful display along with a capacitive proximity sensor and a charging port on the bottom. It also has a similar size display with round edges and Silicone straps attachment. This band has only 4 Preset dial themes along with 70 to download.


Most probably, this is the most common part between Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5. Both of the smart bands have 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen. The Honor Band 5 adopts true-colour RGB surface providing 240x120p of screen resolution and 282 PPI. Moreover, it 2.5D curved glass protects the band against dust, scratches, and common fall.

Whereas, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartband also comes with the same display size, screen resolution, screen protection and colour gamut. You can easily use it in the direct sunlight because of its 400 units of brightness ability.

Sports and Fitness Modes

Well, today, smartphones are meant for sports and fitness activities. Therefore, both Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 serves the users with multiple fitness tracking and health services.

The Honor Band 5 supports around 10 sports exercises modes like Indoor Running, Outdoor Running, Swimming Pool, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Walking, Free Training, Elliptical Machine, and Rowing Machine etc.

In addition, the band also houses Blood Oxygen Level Measurement tool, Sleep Sensor, Heart-rate Monitor, Blood-Pressure, a SpO2 technology, and some other specifications.

Similarly, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also carries all these features except Oxygen level measurement.


Comparing the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 on powerhouse will give us a little difference. In fact, battery is a pivotal factor while deciding any electronic device. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 installs a 135 mAh battery, which rates for 20 days on standby mode and takes around 2 hours to charge.

Meanwhile, the Honor Band 5 includes a 100 mAh battery providing 14 days work on standby mode with an hour of charging.


In terms of connectivity, both the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 face tremendous competition.

Users will enjoy Bluetooth 5.0 version, camera remote control in both of them and both are compatible with Android and IOS platforms.

Moreover, the Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also carries GPS, GLONASS, and NFC support for better user experience.


What do you think an electronic wearable device should be a water-resistant or not? If you often deal with outdoor and dusty activities and looking for a supportive wrist wearable, then both are for you.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartband supports 5ATM water-resistant rating to confirm swimming and other water activities. Either it is sweating or normal rain, you don’t need to put off the bracelet and move freely.

Similarly, the Honor Band 5 also conclude 5ATM rating to fight against water. Hence, users can go for either of the smart bands in terms of swimming prospect.

Other Specifications

After comparing the Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 on the major fronts, now let’s consider them on some minor but important surfaces.

The Honor Band 5 hosts the ability to identify strange number calls. Moreover, it has an intelligent scene reminder call/SMS notification and alarm clock to help you in everyday activities.

honor band 5

Further, the band also supports 252 city bus cards in China, along with the recovery, removal, and relocation of traffic cards in the NFC version.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also serves with an incoming call/SMS reminder, sedentary reminder, vibration, alarm, 64K of RAM and 32 MB of ROM, smart scene reminder, WeChat and QQ messages notification. The Mi Band 4 has bus cards across 218 cities of China.


On price, both of the smart bands are once again close to each other. Because of the inclusion of Blood Oxygen Measurement, the Honor Band 5 is bit costlier at 189 Yuan than its competitor the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Moreover, the NFC version costs at 219 Yuan.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 hold the price tag of 169 yuan.


In the end, we can say that both smart bands are great with advanced features at reasonable prices.

If you are more health cautious and follow a strict fitness schedule, then Honor Band 5 is a perfect choice for you. Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet is also a good tool with plenty of modern age features at a lower price tag.

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