Step Up Your Fitness with Xiaomi Mi Band 2!

Since it was launched, slightly over a year ago, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 has captivated fans by incorporating an excellent display but without compromising its iconic design. At only $27.91 per unit, the Mi Band 2 is the most inexpensive fitness tracker available in the market right now, and yet it has everything the health-conscious person needs to keep track of his health. However, the price is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Comfortable Design that can be Worn Anytime, Anywhere

The new Mi Band 2 is slightly bigger than its predecessors but manages to stay true to the elegant ergonomic style which characterizes its family. The tracker device itself is fixated on a comfortable hypoallergenic band and can be worn safely even while sleeping.
The new Mi Band is also better protected against accidental damage. The rubber strap is more sturdy than previous versions and avoids the tracker from accidentally popping out and falling over.
Besides being comfortable to wear, its IP67 water resistant rating means that users can keep their Mi Band 2 with them while they wash their hands, take a shower, or refresh themselves up with a quick swim.

At Last, a Touch-Sensitive Display that is Easy to Use and Read

One of the biggest complains that Xiaomi fitness tracker users had was its lack of a quality display. Before the Mi Band 2, older Xiaomi trackers used a combination of LED colors and pre-established numbers of vibrations to communicate with the user. But starting with the Mi Band 2, users can access a much bigger wealth of information through its small 0.42 inch OLED touch-sensitive screen.
Users can check the time, step count, or calculate the distance they covered by just swiping the screen, which is also scratch resistant and bright enough to be read in less-than-optimal lighting conditions.
Extra Features to Suit Everyone’s Needs

Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 users can access a variety of apps very easily. Simply raising one’s wrist is enough for the time to be displayed on the screen, while tapping the screen several times shows information from the Mi Fit app, including the number of steps, calories burned, heart rate, and percentage of battery left.
The Mi Band 2 can also vibrate to notify an incoming call or message, work as an alarm clock, or be programmed to alert the user when he has covered a certain number of steps or minutes jogging.
The battery lifetime is especially noteworthy, as a single charge can last up to a month, even when checking the time 50 times a day or doing 10 heart rate checks per day.

Early Notifications Wherever You Go

Increasing connectivity also means that it’s easy to check for emails, direct messages, and other incoming notifications. According to fitness expert Leandro Larusso of LifetoLiveit, this feature alone makes this device very convenient because it allows you to continue your workout without having to stop to pull out a SmartPhone and letting the muscles cool down.

Setting up and configuring notifications is a simple process. All the user has to do is synchronize his SmartPhone and fitness tracker together, choose which phone apps will trigger a notification, and set up Do Not Disturb time zones – especially recommended at night.

Images source: Courtesy of Nexus Zone

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