Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router Review: The Dual-band Ethernet Router

Xiaomi had added another bead in the queue when it introduced the dual-band WIFI internet router to the world. It is tagged as the Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router, loaded with plenty of technicalities for the desired internet speed. We are here to review the product.

Today, it is hard to find an area in the electronic and technology industry, in which Xiaomi lacks presence. It is among the biggest Chinese tech player to grab the global market with an extensive range of quality-rich and affordable products.

Mi AC2100 Mi router

Correspondingly, the newly-produced dual-band WIFI router is already in the market for purchase. Because of the technology evolution, we tend to use the software-based items in our routine life to lesser down the physical efforts. As a result, the technology industry has been prospering at a rapid pace and has also affected every aspect of human life.

The Xiaomi Mi Router is the new introduction in the internet market to facilitate the users with ultra-fast and unmatched internet speed. Here are present for the Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router review, but before digging the concept deeply, let’s have a quick look at the core features and specifications briefly.

The Xiaomi AC2100 Mi WIFI Router: Key Specifications in Brief

As per the features book of the router, it comes with a Gigabit WAN port as well as 3 Gigabit LAN ports to reach the 100M fibre broadband easily. Further, the device has an integrated signal amplifier to ensure a bigger coverage with high-speed transmission distance.

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Inside, the AC2100 Router installs the MT7621A MIPS 2-core processor with 880 MHz frequency. It supports gigabit dual-frequency data forwarding and gigabit network port.

Users will get their child’s internet security by managing the child’s internet time to check for the online activities of the child. Similarly, Xiaomi has also enabled the device to set the network time as well as the range of the URLs, which are allowed to access.

Moreover, Xiaomi Mi AC2100 equips 128 MB memory on both the RAM and ROM ports. You will enjoy various wireless securities like WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, SSID hiding etc. It also manages apps to support the web on Android and IOS platforms.

The Mi AC2100 Router is supportive to mobile, tablet, laptop, and PC etc. The 1000 Mbps ethernet port speed is excellent to use it at home or office.

The Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router Review: Specifications and Features Description

This is the section in which we will elaborate on the full features and specifications to the deep. The WIFI routers are valuable and productive equipment to foster internet speed wirelessly. Likewise, the Mi AC2100 is an enriched tool from Xiaomi to cater to the user’s network needs in the broad sense.


Let’s start the Mi AC2100 review journey from unboxing. The device you will receive comes in a well-packed small box with the size of 15x15x25 cm and weighs just 1 kg.

In the box, you will get the Mi AC2100 Router, a network cable along with a power adaptor. These are the major tools inside. Besides, the box also contains a user guide in Chinese to help users in installation.

It is not rocket science to establish a network connection with the router. Average users can do the task easily of their own.

Design and Build

Considering the physical attributes of the Mi AC2100 Router, it is a cylindrical-shaped device to come in pure black skin. It adopts a vertical upright stand to occupy a little space in your home.

Mi AC2100 Mi router

Further, the Mi Router provides a smooth and glossy outlook with cool plastic made body. The round-shaped design is easy to handle and place on the computer table. On the body, it hosts some ports to connect ethernet and other wires and the brand logo printing on the top.

In terms of physical dimensions, the Mi AC2100 measures at 12 x 12 x 20 cm along with 600g of weight.


Well, CPU is regarded as the brain of any computer device. More powerful the CPU more improved the performance. Likewise, Xiaomi focused deeply on the processing unit and loaded the router with dual-core MT7621A MIPS 880 MHz processor.

Therefore, users will enjoy superfast internet access with the 880 MHz frequency. It further complies with the gigabit network port and dual-frequency data forwarding.

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Mi AC2100 Mi router

The dual-core CPU supports dual-frequency 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz using the same WIFI name. Besides, the dual-frequency terminal selects the optimal frequency band independently to help the users with improved and unmatched network speed.

Integrated Signal Amplifier

The Mi AC2100 Router equips the dual-wireless chips, which are further integrated with 2CH and 4CH iPA + iLNA respectively. Hence, the internal parts work smarter to enhance performance and signal transmitter power.

Mi AC2100 Mi router

While dealing with the dual-chip mechanism, the integrated amplifier system ensures signal receptor sensitivity and provides strong network signals through the walls as well.

In terms of the LAN data, the Mi AC2100 delivers 1000 Mbps to help the best usability in gaming and home use. In addition to this, the router carries an intelligent error correction algorithm to improve the poor signal quality.

The Xiaomi Mi WIFI AC2100 Router Review: Memory

The internal memory captures the attention as this is quite helpful to ensure sound wireless connectivity.

To achieve network stability, the Mi AC2100 integrates the 128 MB of storage space.

Mi AC2100 Mi router

It further provides a guarantee to the data transmission process and maintains a stable connection with each connected device.

Wireless Channels

What purpose do we avail the Mi AC2100 WIFI Router for? It is to establish a wireless network connection to enjoy rapid internet speed. As we have discussed above, the router has a dual-frequency mode with the same name, the wireless channels are also numerous.

The 2.4 GHz channel supports 1 to 13 channels, whereas the 5 GHz supports 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 165. Moreover, the dual-protocols are set at IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab.

Wireless Security

Although we are enjoying the superfast internet speeds there are also various types of threats to the users. However, cybercrime has become a major issue of today’s technology and internet environment.

Correspondingly, the Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router brings some popular and strong security features as well.

In the security patch, it has a WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and some other encryptions to avoid the unauthorised access. Furthermore, the router ensures SSID hiding for intelligent network and stronger connectivity.

On the other hand, the Mi AC2100 manages some apps to support the web, Android and IOS platforms.

Additional Features

Additionally, the Mi AC2100 Router includes 3 LAN ports and a single WAN port, a DC port, 4 independent Antennas, 1000 Mbps LAN data rate, Wireless AC, Wireless G and Wireless N standard, advanced MU-MIMO and beamforming technology support, 1000 Mbps ethernet speed, tracking to the child’s online activities, IPV6 support, intelligent error correction algorithm and some other important specs in the pack.

Mi AC2100 Mi router


As per the price factor, the Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router looks quite affordable with a slew of advanced features. The Chinese online store Gearbest is offering the product for $58.99. Click here to buy now:


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