Leaks of the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the Mi 8 SE features one day before its launch

The Mi 8 became the first Smartphone to be integrated with GPS Dual GPS

Xiaomi will officially launch the Mi 8 and the Mi 8 SE in Shenzhen, China. And several details of the phone have been leaked, which is an almost usual situation moments before the launch of a Xiaomi device.

The orders of the Mi 8 can be made from this May 31 at 6 pm, and official sales will begin next June 5 and June 8. On the other hand, it has also been known that Xiaomi would also launch the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, a more compact version of the Mi 8 with changes in its features more oriented to the mid-range, is expected to have a Snapdragon 710 processor, among several other characteristics.

Leaks of the Mi 8 and the Mi 8 SE through Slashleaks

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Picture

Slashleaks leaked photos of both devices, showing that the Mi 8 SE is considerably more compact, and will not have the rounded corners of his older brother. We have also been able to visualize in the information of the temporary protective layer of the Mi 8, which will have a dual AI camera with a main sensor of 20 megapixels.

In addition, the latest Xiaomi posters also speak of a feature that would put it on par with many competitors, ‘Little Love’, Xiaomi’s new AI assistant, allows us to assume that we will see this feature in future Smartphones, which is a great advantage for users.

Xiaomi Mi 8, the first smartphone with Dual GPS module, accurate location in real time

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE AI Poster

The Xiaomi Mi 8 will be the first smartphone device to have a Dual GPS module to provide accurate information about the user’s location. A video shown on Weibo as a final sample of the Mi 8 before its launch shows the challenges that the user faces every day with his GPS, a premise that the Mi 8 seeks to take to the next level.

An improved version of the Mi 8, a viable possibilityXiaomi Mi 8 SE Poster

The information suggests that the Mi 8 may not include the fingerprint reader on its screen, although the CEO of the brand, Lei Jun, had previously informed that the terminal would have such a feature, giving space to the possibility of developing an improved version of the Mi 8.

The price still remains as a premise to be discovered, this May 31 will be known the cost of the new flagship of Xiaomi. On the other hand, the Mi 8 SE is expected to cost approximately $310.

The official event of Xiaomi will also allow the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the customization layer MIUI 10, in addition to the announcement of new products, which could not be mentioned in full due to the large number of innovative technologies that would be announced, according to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi.

Source: Gizchina / Gizmochina

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