Meterk Soldering Iron Kit: Grab 14 tools for only $16.19 (€13.99) [+coupon]

From Amazon, we have received amazing offers for several weeks. Today is not the exception. If you need a soldering iron kit in your home or work, you have come to the right place. Amazon offers an incredible discount of more than 20% for 14 pieces of Meterk Soldering Iron Kit. A very complete set that includes everything you need to do your jobs like a professional. If you are interested and want to know the details of what is included, below you will find an excellent summary. However, do not forget that the information about the deal itself can be found at the end of the article.

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Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit: All you need to know!

This soldering kit is professional and delivers a high performance. In addition, it is ensured that it will offer a long service life. Therefore, it is an excellent option for welding, desoldering and maintenance of electronic devices, whether phones, tablets, laptops, among many others. This Kit from Meterk provides sufficient assistance during welding work. It comes with multiple tools, in total there are 14 items: soldering iron, desoldering pump, tweezers, welding tips, iron stand, welding wire, welding wick. Also, the tools before mentioned can be stored in the included toolbox to take them comfortably to where you need them.

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

The soldering iron has an advanced design and provides rapid heating. Likewise, it comes with energy saving features, environmental protection and safe use with the on/off switch. It heats up with a power of 60 watts in standby mode in just a few minutes.

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

As we said, it is a 14 in 1 kit. However, we must highlight certain important points. The soldering iron comes with adjustable temperature, 5 welding tips (in addition to the one that is equipped in the soldering iron) and 2 antistatic tweezers are included, the iron stand comes with a cleaning sponge and you will also find a wire stripper.

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

The temperature is adjustable in a thermostat range of 200 to 450°C (392 ~ 84°F). The 6 interchangeable welding tips have different sizes. They range from wide chisel to super fine, to meet different demands. The copper wire is oxygen free with a width of 2.0mm, a length of 1.5m, a weight of 0.2oz and it is easy to clean the waste stream, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

The desoldering pump is a high-pressure vacuum with an aluminum body frame, which allows easy use with one hand. It is the best to remove the solder from PCB through-hole solder joints. Finally, we have a toolbox. Its objective is quite obvious, it facilitates the transport and storage of all types of parts but especially small ones.

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit - Amazon deal

Meterk Soldering Iron Kit: Amazon deal

The Meterk Soldering Iron Kit is available at the well-known online store at a price of €18.99 ($20.82). However, this time, if you include an additional discount coupon, you can take it home with an incredible 26% discount, leaving it in only €13.99 ($16.19).

You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid until October 18 with a limited stock of only 50 units. In case you are interested, we’ll leave you the direct link to the product next to the discount coupon below.

Coupon Discount: BXRW26LV

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