Meterk MK19: An ideal tool for only $15,06 (Coupon)

XiaomiToday is the perfect place to find any kind of information, analysis, and offers, ranging from the latest trends to the latest technology, due to the great diversification of products from large Asian companies, always taking care to offer the best for all consumers. Today we bring you an unmissable deal for the detector of cables and pipes Meterk MK19, thanks to the special coupon that we offer you only here you can save a 24% discount only on Amazon.

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to know exactly where the pipes or cables on the walls of your home or workspace are located, the Meterk company offers you today the answer to this problem, this cable detector and pipes will allow you to be able to know exactly the place and the distance where these materials are located without needing to make a great effort.

Detector de cables y tuberías Meterk MK19

Meterk is a company that offers a catalog full of tools of all kinds, with the mission of being able to provide fantastic products with the best quality and price ratio. This great company is responsible for distributing a series of professional tools and equipment around the world at a small price.

An indisputable advantage lies in the way that the brand is always open to receiving opinions and reviews from users, thanks to its policy allows them to easily interact with the consumer freely, in this way they can improve the quality, purchase experience and can satisfy each one of the user’s needs. In the next section, we will know each one of the details about this tool.

Cable and pipe detector Meterk MK19: Unboxing

The Meterk Cable and Pipe Detector MK19 comes in a box with a minimalist design, it has the following dimensions 17 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm and weighs only 248 grams. The cost of the shipment should not be too excessive because due to its size and weight is a compact package, however, everything depends on the final destination, inside this we can find the following:

  • 1 x Cable and pipe detector Meterk MK19
  • 1 x User manual in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian

Cable and pipe detector Meterk MK19: Design and materials

Detector de cables y tuberías Meterk MK19

This Meterk cable detector comes with a simple ergonomic design not very allusive, this is because we treat a tool that is practical and easy to use. This product is made of ABS along with other plastics and circuits. It has dimensions of 15.4 x 6.9 x 3 cm and only weighs 189 grams.

It is available only in black, at the top we can see the LCD screen, below this we can see that it has two buttons and on the right side, we find another orange button, while at the bottom we can see the logo of the company and the model series. It works with a 9V 6F22 battery that can be replaced when depleted.

Meterk MK19 cable and pipe detector: Characteristics and functionality

Detector de cables y tuberías Meterk MK19

The Meterk Cable and Pipe Detector MK19 is a versatile tool that allows to measure and locate all kinds of cables, screws, and pipes, it can be widely used in different environments, such as rooms, apartments, buildings, and warehouses.

Detector de cables y tuberías Meterk MK19

Furthermore, thanks to the ergonomic design it can be easily used, without causing any kind of inconvenience, it is only necessary to place it on the wall and press a button to make it work. This tool has a smart beeping system that makes a sound to make the detection of materials easier.

Meterk MK19 cable and pipe detector: Offer on Amazon

If this fantastic product of the Meterk brand has captured your attention, we can recommend you take advantage of the 25% discount with the purchase of the Meterk Cable and Pipe Detector MK19 for only $15,06 (€12,99), you only have to apply the coupon DVJQKO4N, which means a good reduction compared to its initial price of $ 18.53 (15.99 euros), but it is our duty to inform you that this coupon will not last long, it is necessary to hurry since the discount is valid only for the first 50 users to use the coupon, expiring on October 18.

Coupon Code: DVJQKO4N

Buy Meterk MK19 on Amazon

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