Meterk Cable Tester, with an excellent discount (Coupon included)

Today will delight ourselves with a device that comes from the hand of the already recurring Meterk, a company that goes beyond entertainment, focuses on providing practical solutions in different areas of our lives, one of its most popular representatives is the Meterk Non-contact AC Voltage Tester Pen, a device that allows us to detect voltage without risking, although this is not all, as our protagonist today is popularized among many technicians and professionals in the area, that is why we will devote ourselves to breaking down the Meterk Cable Tester, a product designed for the installation and repair of wiring, which accompanies us with a wonderful discount.

Meterk cable tester, with an excellent discount (Coupon included)

Meterk Cable Tester: Unboxing

The Meterk Cable Tester comes in a small cardboard box that has an image of the device in black outline, so it will look quite minimalist and inside it, we will find everything you need to enjoy this new acquisition:

  • 1x Meterk cable tester
  • 1x Cover
  • 2x Test cables
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x User’s manual

Meterk Cable Tester: Design

The Meterk Cable Tester has a design that is composed of 2 parts, the first of which opts for an elongated style, which has dimensions of: 200 millimeters long, 38 millimeters wide and 20 millimeters thick, while the second part has a more rectangular manufacturing, with dimensions of 130 millimeters long, 65 millimeters wide and 32 millimeters thick, having a weight added between both of 47 grams, so we are dealing with an incredibly light and portable product, adapting perfectly to our needs.

Meterk cable tester: Design

Another highlight is its striking orange color, which apart from being lively, has its function and this is because it stands out in any environment, preventing us from getting confused when positioning it in the wiring we want to check.

Meterk Cable Tester: Specifications

The Meterk Cable Tester has several specifications that will allow us to enjoy an optimal performance when using it. To start, it comes with a pair of headphones, which will give us the option to detect the fault through sound, on the other hand, the LED screen will also be responsible for indicating any anomaly that is detected, although this is not all, since this tester can verify both the telephone and Internet wiring, in other words, it works with RJ11 (Tone) and RJ45 (Red) cables.

Meterk cable tester: Specifications

Meterk Cable Tester: Functions

The Meterk Cable Tester is manufactured to detect any failure of continuity in RJ11 and RJ45 cables, indicating exactly where the short circuit is occurring. That is why this device is emerging as the best option when it comes to installation of telephone networks and Internet, since its mode of use is quite simple, sparing us the process of trial and error, so we will enjoy of a performance that could boast of elegant and meticulous.

Meterk cable tester: Functions

Availability and purchase

Currently we can acquire the Meterk Cable Tester on Amazon with an incredible discount of 16% by applying the following coupon (4LZAMIQH), going from €18.99 to only €15.99 and the change would be ($18.45). Like any offer, this has a time limit, ending on Octobre 25, so we suggest you hurry since only 80 units of this fascinating device are available. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this wonder:

Coupon Code: 4LZAMIQH

Buy the Meterk cable tester on Amazon

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