Excellent Meterk 3D printing pen with a small price (coupon included)

If you want to try one of these, you can not miss this opportunity.

Since the popularization of 3D printing, we have seen how new products based on this technology have come one after the other continuously, making possible the impossible for a common user, in 2013 the first pencil to draw in 3D  was unveiled, which cost around 99 dollars, with which we could draw almost anything, nowadays  there is a great diversity of brands that market these pens, one of them is Meterk, with its 3D printing pen, a great alternative, with which we will be able to bring our imagination to reality.

Meterk 3D printing pen

The Meterk 3D printing pen and its dimensions

The pen has measured dimensions of 177 x 35 x 26 mm and the estimated weight of 47 grams, to which we must add the own weight of the filament while it is used.

Meterk 3D printing pen

A small LCD panel

In the Meterk 3D printing pen we will see a small LCD panel that will indicate the different working modes and temperatures, which should be regulated depending on the materials we choose to use.

Meterk 3D printing pen

16 consumables included

In addition to the above mentioned, the pen comes with 16 filaments included in different colors with which you can make multiple shapes and figures, totally to your liking, without any limitations, it should be noted that this pen works with a USB cable.

Meterk 3D printing pen

If you want to buy this pen, we have good news! Right now the Meterk 3D printing pen is in Amazon for just about 29.99 euros, however, if you take advantage of this discount coupon (CNICGQ9L) you can get it for a price of  €25.99, but only with the first 100 units! So you should hurry if you want to get it.

Coupon Code: CNICGQ9L

Buy it on Amazon


Meterk 3D printing pen

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