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Is it legal to track someone else’s text messages?

We are at a time when text messages predominate in the preference of users overall existing communication methods and this may be due to the convenience they offer, but apart from that, we must add that there are situations that undoubtedly require a delicate supervision, which can be aimed at children, teenagers and even company employees, resulting in software applications with the function of monitoring the text messages of a particular phone and with that said, you might be wondering, is it legal? And that’s exactly what we are going to find out right now.

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Is it legal to track a person’s text messages?

In order to intercept SMS messages from someone else, we need an app capable of collecting information related to messages and other data from the phone that we have decided to track. These applications or programs are commonly known as spyware, but when using them, we will have certain limitations according to the law, and although this may vary from country to country, there are rules that apply for all cases, these being the following:

    • You can not use these applications without first informing the person that their text messages and other data will be tracked.
    • The phone that will be tracked by such application must belong to the person who wants to install it, with this we mean, that you need to have a legal invoice of your purchase, including the telephone number.
    • The parents or legal guardians of the child or adolescent, can install these applications in the cell phones of these, as long as the individual is not older than 18 years and is previously informed of it.
  • Companies can make legal use of this type of applications as long as they comply with the following guidelines: The phone that will be supervised must be provided by the company for business purposes and the employee who uses it must be informed of the company’s supervision.

messages children and adolescents

Everything outside the previously mentioned parameters is discarded for their legality, therefore, it would be illegal to use any type of spyware.

How can I get and install a message monitoring application?

To begin, you must select a trusted provider, one with proper certification and good reputation, apart from that, it is suggested to use a payment channel that has the due security, this in order to avoid any type of scam. Once that is done, the software provider will guide you in the download process, after this, you will be guided step by step in the installation, we must add that it is usually simple, but it takes a while to complete it.

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How do SMS monitoring applications work?

Once the text message monitoring application is installed, it will be completely invisible to the end user, he or she will not have access to it nor will it see an icon that indicates that it is running. This software will be responsible for collecting and storing all the information regarding incoming and outgoing text messages, which we can verify in detail on the official website of our supplier in a fast, safe and convenient way.

What other functions can text message monitoring applications offer?

These text message monitoring applications, depending on their quality, can offer us various features that will complement our experience, these being the following:

    • They can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, recording important data, such as the calling number, the time of the call and the exact date when it was made, and in an advanced case of use, you can record the call, although this could require to perform an additional installation.
    • You can know in detail the location of the phone that is being tracked, including the address of the owner, which can be displayed in a map with more detailed information.
  • You will also have access to the photos and videos that are taken by the tracked phone and you can even see the ones downloaded from another website.

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How can a phone message tracking application be useful to me?

These applications can be useful to keep an eye on our children, know what they do, who they talk to and what kind of content they are downloading from the internet, and even though we can ask them to hand over the phone directly, all the compromising data will surely have been deleted by then. As for the companies, the bosses will have access to all the necessary information of the phones supplied by the company without the need to ask questions to the employees.

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