[Coupon Deal] Merax X-Bike Magnetic Foldable Fitness Bike For Just $189.99

Merax X-Bike Magnetic Foldable Fitness Bike offers more than a few merchandises to promote an active lifestyle and physical health. The brand’s health products come with quite a number of aerobic and weight machines including treadmills, indoor health bikes, rowing machines, vibrating plates, and trampolines.

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Related imageBuy Merax X-Bike Magnetic Foldable Fitness Bike For Just $189.99


The foldable devices are usually the simplest 1/2 as heavy as conventional exercise motorcycles or ergometers. Most gadgets weigh among 14 and 18 kilograms. In the center, they have got a joint with which they can be without problems folded up. Then you may without difficulty stow the motorcycle trainer in a niche. Due to the frame shape and construction, they are often known as the X-Bike. Merax fitness bike has a 5kg flywheel and a magnetic tension machine that can be adjusted in 10 stages so that you can always revel in a quiet and smooth motorcycle movement and get the right education with the appropriate depth for you.


The complete fitness device is ergonomically designed so that it high-quality fits your body. The fitness motorbike is ready with a extensive backrest and a thickly padded handlebar, which offers various comfortable positions for a low-impact workout. The PU-shaped saddles and adjustable anti-slip pedals also enhance your schooling experience.

In addition, there are facts in this desk on the pedal thread, Q-factor, crank length and adjustment options in the event of movement restrictions. The integrated LCD display affords real-time virtual monitoring that permits you to tune speed, time, distance, and energy burned. You also can use the pulse grips on the handlebars to monitor your heart rate and intensity at some stage in your workout. A pill holder ensures a more relaxed experience.

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Coupon Code: GKB367S

Related imageBuy Merax X-Bike Magnetic Foldable Fitness Bike For Just $189.99


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