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Memobox Mx Max TV Box review: 4K & Game stream

The Memobox Mx Max is a new entry in the Memobox family of TV boxes based on Android OS. This tiny device surprised us by its features and affordable price, to summarize: the Mx Max supports 4K resolutions and game stream. However, those are only the greatest feats, because this device has every single feature that you seek in a media center. This product is the perfect companion for your living room due to its tiny size and wide possibilities; it’s suitable for watching movies, TV, playing mobile games, surfing the web, browsing social media, Etc. If all the previously mentioned features weren’t enough then keep in mind that it’s an Android device with all the possibilities of lollipop 5.1.1 and even more

Memobox Mx Max

Let’s start from the beginning, the Memobox Mx Max is powered by an Amlogic S905 quad core CPU accompanied by a powerful Penta-core Mali-450MP GPU, which is capable of delivering astonishing visuals at 4K UHD resolutions and 60 frames per second. It features 2GB of DDR3 RAM plus 16GB eMMC flash for internal storage. This TV Box runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and offers all its features and possibilities, you can download any APP you wish from the Google Play store, which comes installed alongside several useful Apps such as Kodi 16 and Netflix.

The Memobox Mx Max has Bluetooth 4.0 and supports dual-band Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz. The device has 2 USB 2.0 ports to plug additional peripherals or USB drives, a micro USB OTG port, an AV port, an optical audio output, and a standard 5V DC Jack. As you would expect, there is an HDMI output so that you can connect it to a display. It’s very easy to use a mouse and keyboard since the only thing you need to do is plug them, and if you required more gadgets then you can use the Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s also worth mentioning that the box includes an IR controller so that you can control the Memobox Mx Max.


Memobox Mx Max

The Memobox Mx Max features a compact and elegant design perfect for your living room, although, isn’t innovative or something fresh is still quite pleasing to the sight. The best part is how tiny the device is, you can easily place it anywhere and take it everywhere. Despite that is mostly made of out of plastic, the Mx Max still offers a quality built that won’t disappoint.

The body has the following dimensions: 115mm x 115mm x 26mm and barely weighs 200 gr.

On the front side and left side there are no buttons or outputs to be seen. The design is minimalistic and simple.

On the right side, you can find 2 USB 2.0 ports alongside a micro SD slot and a micro USB OTG port. As you can appreciate on the pictures, it also has a small heat vent.

Memobox Mx Max

On the rear side, the following items can be found: a 5V DC jack, an AV output, an RJ45, one HDMI output, and an optical audio output.

Memobox Mx Max

On the top, there is only a power button and the Memobox logo.

Memobox Mx Max 3

At the bottom, there is rubber surface and several holes to dissipate the heat.

Memobox Mx Max

The overall design is quite polished and simple; the small size allows you to easily carry the device from one place to another.

Memobox Mx Max: Performance

Before judging the performance of the Memobox Mx Max, it’s essential to know what’s inside this TV Box. Firstly, the System on a chip is an Amlogic S905, which features a high-end CPU and a top-notch GPU embedded. The processor is an ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core CPU that runs at 2.0 GHz of clock frequency. This CPU is extremely efficient for mobile devices and suitable for multitasking. You can expect a smooth performance on any app since this CPU is designed to handle almost anything that you throw at it.

Memobox Mx Max

However, we cannot talk about performance without bringing some benchmarks to the table, but before even starting when can tell you that the results are quite pleasing. After installing Geekbench 3.0 and running the test, these were the results:

Memobox Mx Max

As you can see, the single-core score was 610 and the multi-score 1771. For a device like this, these results are quite good. Antutu Benchmark gave 36454 points to the Memobox Mx Max, which is a high score as well.Memobox Mx Max

GPU performance and video

Changing the topic a little bit, it’s necessary to talk about the GPU, which as you can imagine, it’s powerful as well. The GPU is a Penta-core ARM Mali-450, which is a separate graphics processor intended for the accelerated creation of images to be outputted to a display. This GPU supports UHD 4K 60FPS HW video decoding and FHD 1080p 60fps HW video encoding.

3D mark gave the Memobox Mx Max a 4327 score. The specific test performed was Ice Storm extreme. The Mx Max performs smoothly on all kind of games; we tested Asphalt 8 and the results lived up to the expectations. The game was running at 1080p with the settings to the maximum and we didn’t experience perceptible frame drops or lag.

Memobox Mx Max

The only considerable performance issue appears with 4K files that have a 10-bits codification, but only when not using Kodi media center. If you don’t use Kodi (which has been optimized for the device) then you may experience stuttering, lag or frame drops when playing this kind of files.

Memobox Mx Max

It’s also worth mentioning that this machine is capable of performing game streaming at 1080p 60fps. You can do this through the Steam feature and play all the games of your library on the Memobox Mx Max.

But in conclusion, the Memobox Mx Max offers an awesome performance indeed. It can easily run any app or Android game of the current market without problems.


The Memobox Mx Max features 2GB DDR3 of Ram, which is a decent amount suitable for multitasking and daily apps. However, don’t you try to intentionally overload it, there is even less than 2GB available.

Memobox Mx Max

For internal storage, we have 16GB of eMMC, but you can add an extra 32GB via SD-card. The writing and reading times are quite disappointing: 28MB/s (read) and 14MB/s (write). This factor affects the booting time, app installation and the transfer of files considerably.

Software & OS

Memobox Mx Max

The Memobox Mx Max runs on Android 5.1.1 lollipop, but it has a custom launcher provided by the manufacturer. However, you have access to all the Android features you love, the Google play store is there to download any app you want. Also, you can change the launcher if you wish so, you won’t find any problem doing this or installing any kind of app since the device is factory rooted.

The OS also includes automatic online updates, this is nice since it means that you won’t have to do it manually and also shows the commitment of Memobox to their product, which is being updated constantly to improve the functionalities and solve bugs(which are few to none).

Memobox Mx Max

The Memobox Mx Max comes with several apps pre-installed, such as KODI (V.16 Jarvis Beta), Netflix, YouTube, Sky live, MiraCast, Etc. Getting started it’s very easy and you already have a lot of applications to enjoy all kind of multimedia content.

Memobox Mx Max

Apps and more apps!

Memobox Mx Max

The device comes loaded with interesting features provided by the manufacturer such as HDMI – CEC, which allows us to control several devices connected via HDMI with the same controller. This means that you can use the Memobox Mx Max control to operate the TV as well. You can enable this feature from the settings menu.

Memobox Mx Max

The settings menu looks like this:

Memobox Mx Max


The Memobox Mx Max offers a wide variety of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi, which means that we can connect to 5GHz networks. The network speed is quite good as well. While using the Wi-Fi network the download speed is up to 40Mb/s and the upload speed 20MBp/s. These results were measured using

Memobox Mx Max

Connecting additional peripherals is very easy, you can connect wireless headsets or gamepads via Bluetooth.

When it comes to wired connections, we have Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) if you preferred a straight connection. USB 2.0 to connect peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. It also has SPDIF (optical audio) if you wish to use separate speakers. USB OTG to plug even more devices and accessories. And last but not least, an HDMI Output for obvious reasons.

Special Features

4K UHD: This tiny device supports the latest codecs: H.265 and H.264 to provide the ultimate 4K HD experience. It also supports 4K files with a 10-bits codification, which is something unusual for a device like this.

Game stream: the Memobox Mx Max supports game streaming at 1080p 60FPS, you can use the Steam in-home streaming on this device with no problems whatsoever.

KODI media center: The Memobox Mx Max has an optimized version of KODI, which performs much better than the Google Play version on this device.Memobox Mx Max

What’s in the box?

Memobox Mx Max 1

We’ll find the usual stuff inside the package:

– The MX MAX Android TV Box.

–  One HDMI cable

– A Power adapter 5V/2A

– A remote control that requires AAA batteries, which are not included.

– The manual

Memobox Mx Max 2


Main Features:
– Brand: MEMOBOX
– Design
– Video output: HW decoder H.265, 4K
– Bluetooth: BT 4.0
– Capable of Game Stream at 1080 60fps
CPU: Amlogic S905 Quad-core 64-bit ARM® Cortex TM -A53 up to 2GHz
GPU: Penta-core ARM® Mali TM -450
OS: Android 5.1
RAM / ROM : DDR3 2G / Onboard Flash 16G
Video output: HW decoder H.265, 4K , Support multiple video decoding,
Hardware 3D graphics acceleration
HD OUT: HD 2.0 with HDCP2.2
Wireless Connectivity : IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4G&5G
Ethernet: 100/1000 Mbps LAN
Bluetooth: BT 4.0
expand memory: Micro SD card (Maximum support 32GB)
Built-in antenna for WiFi antennaGame Stream: Capable of Game Stream at 1080 60fps
Mouse/ Keyboard:
Support mouse and keyboard via USB; Support 2.4GHz wireless mouse
and keyboard via 2.4GHz USB dongle
Language: Multi -language
Other features: Miracast / DLNA
UI Support: original ecology and MEMOBOX custom UI
Power source: 5V 2A Adapter
Size: 4.5×4.5×0.98 in
Weight: 7.76 oz
I / O Interface:
1*Power Button
1*Update Button(via one pin hole)
2*Standard USB 2.0
1*Micro USB with OTG
1*DC in Jack
1*HD Port
1*S/SPDIF (2CH, 5.1CH)
1*Micro SD card slot
1*AV Port
Package content:
1 x TV Box
1 x remote
1 x HD cable
1 x adapter sector
1 x Manual

Memobox Mx Max: Review

Memobox Mx Max

The Memobox Mx Max offers lot features, the 4K UHD support is the star of the show, but it’s mandatory to point out the quality of the built, the game stream support, and the high-end performance of this tiny device. It’s also worth mentioning the price because you can purchase this TV Box for less than a hundred dollars! It’s the perfect companion for your living room and a great media center.

The only remarkable flaw is that the device occasionally struggles with some 10-bits 4K files, there is minor stuttering, lag, and buffering from time to time. However, this is not the case when using the KODI application that comes pre-installed. We could also point out the control, which is average, but you can’t complain when the price and features are so awesome.


Great Performance


Game stream

Online Updates

Affordable price

Factory root


Minor issues with 4K UHD 10-bits files (when not using Kodi).

Slow memory when it comes to read/write operations.

Where to buy

You can purchase the MEMOBOX MX MAX Android TV box from We suggest that you hurry because it’s currently 29% Off.


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