Meizu Zero – A minimalist Phone with no button no keys

January 23, Meizu on their own “hole-free mobile phone” held a new product launch. This hole-free phone is called zero.

According to Meizu official, Meizu Zero is a really hole-free mobile phone, its use of ceramic integrated fuselage design, support IP68 class waterproof, aerial hair card, biometric identification, Super mCharge Wireless super-fast charge, mSound 2.0 screen sound, Flexible surface OLED screen with screen fingerprint, Valiant Dragon 845 processor, IMX380 + IMX350 double camera and so on.

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Meizu Zero – A minimalist Phone with no button no keys
Meizu Zero – A minimalist Phone with no button no keys
Meizu Zero – A minimalist Phone with no button no keys


Meizu Zero as the world’s first really hole-free future mobile phone, based on the “minimalist” and “no bondage” concept, the use of one PIECE Unibody ceramic integrated molding design, the body has no physical keys.

In terms of configuration parameters, Meizu Zero uses a 5.99-inch flexible full OLED screen, and Li Nan also said that for the first time under the flexible OLED screen to achieve screen fingerprint recognition. Meizu Zero is equipped with the Valiant Dragon 845 processor, paired with LPDDR 4x large memory. When it comes to taking photos, Meizu Zero is equipped with 380 and IMX 350 rear AI double, with a front 20 million pixels to support face unlock.

Meizu Zero uses Msound 2.0 screen sound, sound conduction unit secret sticker screen, face to listen. The screen is also a speaker, better audio material, to achieve the implementation of the. Through the use of a comprehensive “hole-free” design, compression of the body thickness, in the new flexible surface OLED screen to the first optical fingerprint stacking, the fuselage is light, one touch to reach.

Meizu Zero really hole-free mobile phone to remove the physical card slot, the use of ESIM aerial hair card.

Meizu Zero really no hole mobile phone no physical keys, retained the mengine transverse linear motor, virtual keys replaced the solid volume key and power key, because there is no hole, so directly realized the IP68 level of waterproof function.

Design and appearance

Meizu Zero uses the Unibody 3D ceramic fuselage, the line of the whole machine will be more square, paired with that standard surface OLED screen, so that zero looks a bit like the shadow of another machine.

Based on the new fuselage design, the back of the machine can achieve a completely seamless effect, the fuselage does not have any interface, now common Data interface, headphone interface and nano-injection antenna and other parts will not appear on zero.

A common medium longitudinal double camera is placed on the back of the machine, and beneath the camera is a ring flash familiar to the Meizu.

will be in the whole machine using “hole-free” design, so the fuselage side of the key is also made of solid-state keys. This approach, like the keys that appear on the HTC U12+, is that Meizu Zero also restores key feedback through the Mengine tactile engine installed inside the fuselage.

The Camera:

Only one 20 million megapixel front camera was placed on the phone’s “forehead,” while the handset was not left. Meizu here, with the Msound 2.0 screen sound technology to replace the handset.

Screen sound technology  

Screen sound technology has been on the phone for some time, vivo in the concept machine APEX and the subsequent release of the new flagship NEX on this technology, and OPPO in Find X also added screen sound technology. Meizu didn’t use the screen sound technology until the zero released today, and it seemed really slow.

When it comes to sound, Meizu Zero also does not retain headphone holes, and access to wireless headphones has become the only solution. At this level, Meizu zero itself supports LDAC and Bluetooth 5.0 to improve the performance of your phone on wireless audio.

In addition, Meizu will also release a new all-wireless headset this year. The new all-Wireless ear opportunity supports Bluetooth 5.0 and also uses Qualcomm’s latest wireless processing chips to improve stability and sound quality.

In addition to headphone access, another problem facing a perforated phone is charging and data transmission.

Wireless Charging and Wireless USB

Charging, there is now “wireless charging” this way to solve. Meizu Zero itself supports 18W wireless fast charging technology Super Wireless mCharge, with the Meizu launched the new wireless charging board can achieve a stable and continuous 18W wireless fast charge.

In addition, the charging board also added “wireless usb” technology, Meizu Zero can be put on the wireless data transmission, to replace the traditional data cable. “

Also, because the fuselage with a porous design, Meizu Zero also does not have a SIM card slot, but also a direct use of ESIM mobile phone. At the same time is also this reason, Linan in the release of live broadcast said Meizu zero release and domestic operators support also has a certain relationship.

Hardware Configuration

In terms of configuration, the engineering version of Meizu Zero currently only carries the Qualcomm Dragon 845 mobile platform and LPDDR 4x of memory. In the future official release will support 5G network, the fuselage will also be replaced with Qualcomm Dragon 855 mobile platform. The fuselage supports IP68 waterproof and can stay at two meters underwater for 30 minutes.

On the camera side, Meizu Zero Front uses a 20-million-megapixel camera, followed by a IMX380+IMX350 dual-camera combination, and other specific parameters have not been made public.


Meizu Zero is undoubtedly a concept machine that represents its own future.

The new technologies, such as hole-free design and wireless USB, are a bargaining chip for Meizu to compete with others this year. If according to the rhythm of the Vivo APEX of that year, Meizu zero to be able to release a mass production in the middle of the year, it is actually some point of watch.


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