Meizu wants to ship 25 Million Phones in 2016

This afternoon Meizu held a press conferrence where they have revealed the sales report for 2015, which was 20 Million units. That is a growth of 350% when compared to the 4.4 Million Units shipped in 2014, and Meizu wants to improve that number to 25 Million sales.


Li Nan, Vice President of Meizu has revealed that they have hit an all-time high sales record for a young company like them, and they are planning to ship at least 25 Million or more phones in 2016.


In fact when you compare Meizu’s growth in one year to companies like Smasung and Apple, they have achieved three times the growth in sales that both those companies combined, however it would be interesting to see how Meizu plans to keep that number going up for years to come.


“After the┬ácontrolled sales of the M and MX line of smartphones, the ratio of the sales come in at 3:7 respectively” says Li Nan, which is 3 percent of MX Line of smartphones and 7 percent for the Charm Blue line. So, they should be expecting to see the same ratio through 2016 for the sales of both the MX and the Pro line of smartphones.

What do you guys think about Meizu’s sales growth? Will Meizu be able to top itself off one again in 2016? Let us know in the comments below.



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