Meizu Tablet is in Works Reportedly

Almost every smartphone maker wants to diversify its income. The easiest way to reach this goal is to make different products for different niches. That’s why you can see many manufacturers making smartphones as well as tablets. In this sense, Xiaomi is the most diversified company. It has a number of different productions. Even if a product is not made by the company itself, it‘s made by a sub-brand. Other manufacturers try to make a tough competition to this company. But they should launch many products for different niches, first. Seems Meizu is more serious than others, as it’s rumored the company is working on a tablet that should be released soon. Let’s find out what key features the Meizu tablet will be packed with to assess whether it can become a serious rival to Xiaomi or not.

Meizu tablet

According to rumors, the Meizu tablet will sport a 7.9-inch screen at 2K resolution, 8MP camera on front, 16MP camera on back, and Flyme OS like the JDtab. There is also should be built-in Haman caton customized speakers. As you remember, something like this we have already seen on the JDtab. Finally, the Meizu tablet is said to cost 1699 yuan ($283).

Meizu tablet

Well, the leaked info concerning the Meizu tablet is raw. I mean this is the first time we hear about this device, and it’s very difficult and may be senseless to make assumptions. Anyway, we know the Xiaomi Mi Pad and Mi Pad 3 Pro will be launched soon. According to the latest leaks, they should feature a 7.9-inch / 9.7-inch display (the resolutions till remains unknown), Intel 8750 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64/128GB internal storage space, Android 7.0 Nougat / Windows 10 and MIUI. The regular version with a 7.9-inch screen is priced at 1299 yuan ($188), while its sibling costs 1599 yuan ($231).

So if the aforementioned news are true, it will be very difficult for Meizu to make a competition to Xiaomi in the tablet market.


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