Meizu Smartwatch Leaked with Borderless Round Screen


In the buzz of multiple round-faced smartwatch launches, Meizu too displayed a round-faced, leather strapped smartwatch at the Hong Kong Electronics fair last year. It led many analysts to believe that the company was working on expanding its product lines. It was also said that Meizu would be venturing into making smartwatches in order to meet its customers’ and fans’ needs. Since then, though, the Meizu smartwatch never saw the light of the day, as there was no news about it on the much-awaited release date of October 2015.

But now, a tipster believed to be working with Meizu sent us more information about the round smartwatch, along with images. The tipster did verify his identity with us and also showed us more proof of the watches confirming that they do exist.

In the image, we can see that Meizu is apparently working on a number of smartwatches. The sketch shows different smartwatches to suit the needs of a variety of users with varying wrist sizes and gender. It also shows different styles like, a sport style as well as an elegant one for executives looking to spruce up their style.

The teaser images show this wearable line will feature leather straps along with chain ring strap to suit different buyers. A close examination of the images also reveal different watch styles, with one being push button while another having a crown dial. The levels of customization even extend to the bezels, with a watch having thick round bezels and another having a smaller dial. Another one also shows a watch having a small bezel with a large dial. The image clearly shows that Meizu plans to debut a slew of watches with their own unique features. They also want to target different market segments as well as all genders.

The words “Run” and “Run hours” situated on the top right side of the teaser imply the smartwatches have a pedometer too. This will also mean that Meizu will provide a bigger battery to appeal to people wanting to stay fit, resulting in longer battery life. The image also shows a premium sports-focused Meizu smartwatch with water-proof features to please the sporty Meizu fans.

Hopefully, we would not have to wait long as the Meizu smartwatch will be launching soon. Till then and to know more about this watch as well as other tech news, bookmark our page Xiaomitoday. Also follow us on Facebook to stay updated all the time.



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