Here is the Complete 360-degree Video Tour of Meizu PRO 7

Meizu PRO 7 release seems to be the greatest spotlight this month apart from Xiaomi Mi 5X and MIUI 9 release. From the leaks and rumors, Meizu PRO 7 is no mystery especially concerning the flagship’s design. However, from the specs and features section, more surprises are yet to come such as the Dual 4G LTE support. The selling point of PRO 7 is the mini 2-inch colored e-ink secondary screen as well as the first phone to feature Helio X30 deca-core processor.

Meizu PRO 7 – The Leaked Video Tour

A couple of days back, some unboxing pictures of the phone confirmed the dual screen layout. But today, the most authentic and heart-pounding exposure came out. On Weibo, a video of Meizu PRO 7 was leaked illustrating the complete 360-degree view of Meizu PRO 7.

As you can see in the video above, the upcoming Meizu PRO 7 is a complete change over from its previous predecessor. This time, Meizu’s upcoming flagship appears to be rougher and has a classic business styled taste to it.

Meizu PRO 7 design

Starting with the front appearance, no tremendous change is visible. We still have the same mTouch fingerprint reader situated on the home button. The bezels have reached the minimum thickness possible. Moreover, Meizu smartphones are considered the best when it comes to finishing and premium built. The same awe-inspiring precision and details are passed from the generations and so in Meizu PRO 7.

Meizu PRO 7 design 2

Meanwhile, the rear appears to completely different. The design is innovative and unique as there’s no phone on the planet that matches the layout of Meizu PRO 7. The most appealing aspect is the 2.0-inch colored e-ink (always on display) and the dual camera, both situated on the left side. At the bottom right, we have the manufacturer’s logo.

Meizu PRO 7 design 1

As far as the material is concerned, the chassis forges from metal. It has a dull surface with the lowest reflection suggesting the phone’s rear chassis is brushed and undergoes the time-consuming laser CNC process. However, the only reflective area is the glass panel of the secondary screen.

Meizu PRO 7 – The Rumored Specs

Recently, Meizu PRO 7 recently appeared on TENNA and MIIT, where the configuration of the flagship was revealed. PRO 7 integrates a 5.2-inch 1080p primary screen and a 2-inch colored e-ink secondary screen. MediaTek Helio X30 deca-core processor is the heart of the flagship along with 6 / 8GB memory, 128GB storage. It will come with the rear dual camera featuring Sony IMX386 + IMX286 12 MP rear dual camera. Meanwhile, the front shooter will be 16 MP.

Meizu PRO 7 specs

According to previous news, Meizu PRO 7 secondary screen also support black and white mode, music mode, retro gaming mode, photo preview mode. It can still be used after the shutdown.

It is expected that the flagship will release on July 26, after the opening of the National Meizu store. The entrance fee is 200 yuan. The phone will start selling on August 6 for a price of 2799 yuan.

Source (Weibo)



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