Meizu Pro 5 is the name of the next flagship; beautiful packaging images leaked

Meizu Pro 5 is expected to be the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, or that is what we thought it was going to be called. According to the latest group of leaked images, there is only the name ‘PRO 5’ written on the box, which reveals that the Chinese smartphone OEM is most likely going to carry a completely different name. Coming to the details of these images, the packaging shows that it is quite large and it looks like the company has invested quite a bit of money in making sure that the packaging fits the aesthetics quality of the smartphone.

Meizu Pro 5 beautiful packaging images leaked; premium smartphone incoming soon

Meizu Pro 5 also had previously leaked images, where it showed that the smartphone bore a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, at least from the front side. As for the hardware specifications, we are certain to a limited degree that Meizu Pro 5 is going to be running Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chipset, since the company’s MX4 Pro was running Samsung’s own developed chipset.


According to the leaked hardware specifications, we saw that the upcoming handset featured 3GB of RAM. However, we are also certain that Meizu could also be shipping out a 4GB RAM model that is going to be slightly more expensive that the 3GB RAM one. Additional specification details reveal that the device is going to sport a 1080p resolution, along with a 21MP rear camera sensor and 5MP front one. While camera sensor details were not provided, it is possible that both devices will feature Sony’s IMX240 sensor.


There was no information indicating that Meizu Pro 5 was going to feature a microSD card, so it is possible that the upcoming smartphone is going to be void of this feature altogether. We are expecting a 5.5 inch display, but will have to wait for more details to appear in order to confirm this fact. The expected release month of Meizu Pro 5 is during the month of September.

Meizu MX5 Pro beautiful packaging images leaked; premium smartphone incoming soon




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