MEIZU POP True Wireless Earphones at $69.99: Worth Buying? [Coupon Added]

In an era where everything is trying to be wireless, earphones are shedding the wires and making the transition to Bluetooth ones. While this technology is mainly dominated by companies like Apple and Samsung, some Chinese companies are also trying to make a mark. One of them which has done so in a good manner is Meizu with their comparatively cheaper designs. Here are 4 reasons to buy the Meizu POP.

Sleek yet Elegant

Just like most wireless earphones in the market, the Meizu POP also comes as two earbuds fit into a simple case which also doubles up as the charging case. The compact size which comes in a white color gives it a chic look. The case is quite durable and easy to transport but is a tad heavier than it looks.

The perfect fit

The looks of the Meizu POP tend to make people think that its a pair of earphones too tight to fit in the ear in a snug manner. Well, it is quite the opposite. The earphones fit right into the ear in a manner that makes users feel comfortable and have it sit right there without any disturbance. The seemingly huge size actually helps the earphones to stick into the ear without falling, even with a lot of intense sports and action.

Control at your fingertips

The touch-sensitive control area on the earphones eliminates the need to use your phone for simple interactions. Once used to the controls, mere taps can change the volume, song and even accept or reject calls.

Longer in your Ears

The POP comes with 85mAh of battery power in the earbuds, while the case has a 700mAh battery concealed in it to charge the earbuds. The earbuds provide a battery backup of 2.5 to 3 hours per charge and the case can give 4 charges when fully charged, totaling to an equivalent to anywhere between 12-15 hours throughout. The case can be charged wireless or using a USB Type C cable. With only 2.5 hours for the whole case to charge and 1.5 hours for each individual charge to the earphones, the Meizu POP is a good choice for wireless earphones.

Buzz-free music

Coming to the most important part of any audio tool, the Meizu POP delivers wonderful audio as output. Unlike expected from Chinese companies, the audio is free from any noise. Like other wireless earphones, the audio may not be the loudest, but it provides an enjoyable audio experience for audiophiles.

Price & Coupon:


COUPON Price: $69.99

Deadline: Dec 6th – Dec 31st (Only first 50 Pieces)


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