Meizu Max Leaked Before Officially Released

The Meizu Max is set to be launched on September 5 at a special conference, but there is also another date when this flagship should be unveiled, September 15. No matter when it will be uncovered it is going to become a top selling smartphone thanks to a decent specs list and a unique color leaked recently. As of now the phone has been spotted one more time showing almost all our expectations will be turned into reality.

Meizu Max

As you see we are dealing with a silver color Meizu Max that is similar to the Gold Rose one. Unfortunately, no specs info can be grabbed from this leaked photo, but we all know the Meizu Max will be packed with a 6-inch display, a MediaTek Helio P20 octa-core processor running at 1GHz and paired with a 3GB of RAM, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and many more.

As for pricing, the Meiuz Max is set to come at $270 or something around it. While many can complain on this pricing and accuse the manufacturer in not launching budget handset, I have to remind them we are dealing with Meizu, which is one of the bestselling Chinese brands in the world. So it’s quite expected its products will come at such price tags. If someone wants to get budget Meizu devices they can get their hands on the recently launched the Meizu U10 and U20 priced at $135. But those who are waiting for high-end smartphones with this brand on board, should be ready to folk out as all the upcoming flagships such as the MX7, Pro 7, and Meizu Pro 6 Plus will be priced a bit higher. The same can be said for the Meizu Max. And looking at the photo leaked, we can say it looks quite respectable and most likely will hit the jackpot.



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