Meizu M6 Note One Piece Edition Looks Amazing: But Only 28k Units Available

There are so many manufacturers (especially in China) that the competition is very tough. That’s why customers can choose from a myriad of options. Moreover, the traditional market division is not the way it used. Earlier we used to divide the market into three niches – low-end, mid-range, and high-end. This sounds quite logical, but with the launch of the Snapdragon 660 and Helio P23/30, the manufacturers added a new niche called super mid-range. Devices from this category come with many top-notch features. But as there are a couple of mid-range features, they can’t be titled as high-end. The Xiaomi Mi 5X is the brightest example. It’s considered as the best option in the super mid-range market. But its crown has been grabbed by the Meizu M6 Note once it was announced a couple of months back.

Meizu M6 Note One Piece

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The Meizu M6 Note is a crazy handset with many decent features and an affordable price tag. There are three color options you can choose from – obsidian black, blue (peacock green), and gold. Now a new variant is added to the list – the custom version of the Meizu M6 Note dubbed as One Piece. As you know, the latter is a Japanese manga series started from 1997. The Meizu M6 Note One Piece is going to provide good sales for the company like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Hatsune Miku version.

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As this is a custom variant, it comes with a list of changes and additions. Its back uses a three-polar oxidation design that is 2.4 times more expensive than the regular housing. Apart of this, there are many accessories made with the same idea in mind. There is a custom protective shell, charging head, pin for removing the SIM slot, cable, and a 10.000mAh powerbank. By the way, this is not the first time when a Meizu smartphone comes with a 10.000mAh external battery. The Meizu M5S did the same earlier. The company claims you will be able to acquire a selfie stick with One Piece design as well. Finally, the Flyme OS has been slightly changed to correspond to this device.

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There is a limited number of the Meizu M6 Note One Piece edition. Totally there are 28k units. The 3+32GB is priced at 1699 yuan ($258); the Collector’s Edition with 4+64GB configuration is available at 2399 yuan ($364). But there are only 2000 sets.

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